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“There is but One universe, One Mind, One force, One substance. The substance, or body, of God is light. The substance of all 'created' things is light. Light is the living substance of Mind in action. Life is the pulsing, electro-magnetic oscillation of thinking mind.” - from "The Universal One", 1926, Walter Russell
“Today, a young man on acid realized that all matter is merely energy condensed to a slow vibration — that we are all one consciousness experiencing itself subjectively.” ... “Here's Tom with the weather.” - Bill Hicks


  • To research:
    • Energy continuum:
      • Harmonics and Cymatics
      • Energy wave -> resonance on material -> (visible-spectrum) photon-wave release
      • Describe the fundamental differences between electric-magnetic field waves and sound pressure waves (see also: Transistor, Modulator). Note that EM waves move through a vacuum, but sound waves do not, since there are no states of (observable?) matter to resonate with.
        • How does the particular form shaping of frequencies, as studied by Cymatics, fit in with these two wave field types?
      • The electro-magnetic sensing/radiating 'equipment' used by organisms (somatids, cells, insects, plants, humans) and human technology (artificial antenna's).
      • "I have always wondered why gravity was not considered the lowest wavelength of energy. I assume after radio waves you have magnetism, and beyond magnetism you have gravity. Can gravity be overcome by magnetism? Yes. Can magnetism control plasma? Yes." - Anon.
    • Aether (unkown science, or science fiction?)
      • Thunderbolts forum: Why an ether/aether?
        • "If every object in the universe is physically connected by a twined rope/chain, what need have we of an ether? The ether hypothesis was born out of the need to explain phenomena that appeared to occur without physical intermediary. The ether was the hypothesized intermediary. Its existence is questionable for a variety of reasons. The rope/chain hypothesis performs the same function but explains light, gravity, and magnetism in one fell swoop. It makes sense."


Atom physics

  • "The information now available makes it quite clear that the electron is not the permanent 'building block' type of entity that was envisioned in 1911, but an evanescent particle that can be created or destroyed with relative ease. Recognition of this fact should carry with it the realization that it is not only radioactivity that has ceased to be evidence of the presence of electrons in matter; the appearance of electrons in any physical process can no longer be taken as an indication that these electrons existed prior to the initiation of that process. In fact, the weight of evidence is now strongly in favor of the conclusion that in most cases they are created in the process, and that where electrons do actually have a prior existence, they exist in, and not as a part of, the atoms of matter. This conclusion applies not only to electrons, but to electric charges in general, irrespective of whether or not they can be definitely identified with the presence or absence of electrons." ... "it is obviously quite possible, and even probable, that all ions are thus created; that is, this is the way in which ions are formed. Thus the hypothesis that the ions exist in the solid prior to solution is not only without the proof that is claimed; it is not even the most probable of the readily available explanations of the observed facts." ... "The creation explanation has the distinct advantage that it applies the same ionization mechanism to all substances" ... "Summarizing the foregoing, it is now apparent that electrons, and electric charges in general, are easily created in physical processes of various kinds, and hence the emission of electrons from matter during such processes can no longer be considered as proof, or even as good evidence, that the electrons, as such, existed in the matter before the process took place." ... "The original concept of the atom was that it is the indivisible ultimate particle of matter; the word atom actually means indivisible. But the discovery of radioactivity showed that the atom is not indivisible, as this is a process of disintegration, in which particles are ejected and the original atom is transformed into one of a different kind." ... "the atom is a complex structure composed of sub-atomic particles." ... "Three types of particles emanate from the disintegrating atom, and existing knowledge indicates that not one of these three existed as such in the atom prior to the disintegration. The alpha particles are positively charged helium atoms, and it was quickly realized that they could not be primary atomic 'building blocks'; present-day opinion, as previously noted, is that the beta particles, which are electrons, are created in the disintegration process; and the gamma particles (if we stretch the definition of 'particle' far enough to include them) are photons, units of radiation, and have always been considered to be products of the disintegration, not as pre-existing entities." [16]


EM principles

(Note: Large parts of the info below where formulated by Robert Arnett Otey in his free book "Free Energy and Free Thinking", and placed here with his permission. See also his video channel.)

The magnetic flux field of a single bar magnet.

  • All flux lines form a loop which runs through each pole, without entanglement.
  • The top and the bottom of the magnet have opposite flow fields.
  • The poles have more flux lines.
    • In the case of two magnets: The closer the magnets are to each other, the more threads that intervene, the stronger the attraction, and the faster the magnets are drawn to each other. This explains the inverse-square law of magnetism.

Electricity is the inhalation, or inbreathing generative action, while magnetism is the exhalation, or out-breathing radiative "reaction'. Electricity is the plus half of the One universal force which has apparently divided itself into two (apparent) forces and magnetism is the minus half. Electricity and magnetism exist as separate appearances only when opposed. In non-opposition they disappear. They become one.

Electricity cannot separate from magnetism and its attempts to do so give only the appearance of separation into parts. Magnetism does not desire companionship or union with electricity, nor does it desire its own continuation as a 'separate' force. Magnetism desires to extinguish electricity as a separate force by separating its particles. Its own extinction would be the consequence of the gratification of this desire.

Electricity is the force of gravitation and moves spirally toward the center of its mass. It moves as though it were starting at the base of a cone and traveling around its surface in an ever contracting spiral orbit, to its apex. Magnetism is the 'force' of radiation and moves spirally toward the extremity of its mass. It moves as though it were starting at the apex of a cone and traveling around its surface in an ever expanding orbit, to its base.

The force of electricity is the generative, centripetal force of contraction into the appearance of form. It is the opposite of the reactive 'force' of magnetism, which is the 'force' of radiative, centrifugal expansion into the disappearance of form".

Electricity is the power force of the Universe. Electricity accumulates power into high potential from the Universal constant at the sacrifice of one of its time dimensions. Electricity is the force of resistance to the establishes speed of the Universal constant of energy. Magnetism is the speed force, the time force of the Universe. Magnetism dissipates the high potential power dimension and transforms into the time dimension of low potential. Magnetism is the 'force' which works toward a return to the established motion of the Universal constant of energy.

The electro-positive force is that in which electricity dominates magnetism and accumulates power by transforming speed into power. The electro-negative force is that in which magnetism has conquered electric opposition and by doing so has released power, by means of expansion, into lower potential of greater speed.

Magnetic flow is radiation. Radiation is the emanation expelled from electro-generative, contractive action. It is the outgoing breath, the exhalation of the living corpuscle, or system, or mass.

The atoms of all of the hard and closely integrated elements have ejected magnetism with greater speed and in smaller streams than the atoms of the less closely integrated elements. Resistance to integration is the cause of this increased speed and the contracted atomic volume is the cause of the smaller magnetic streams.

Electricity and magnetism are not two separate 'forces', nor are they two separate substances. Electricity and magnetism are merely two different dimensions of motion. They belong solely to motion and not to substance.

  • Magnetic avoidance (or "magnetic repulsion"):

  • Top-view electro-magnetic vortex:

Man's fixed concept of magnetism as an attractive force is also fundamentally wrong. The basic error is fast tied to every meaning of the words, magnet, or magnetic, or magnetism. These words are universally used in the sense of attraction. Every schoolboy has been the proud owner of that little horseshoe shaped toy which picked up little bits of Iron for his amusement. This remarkable phenomenon quite naturally built up the concept of magnetism as an attractive force. Magnetism supposedly performs these miracles. The evidence of one's senses are again deceived by illusion. The exact opposite is the fact. The electro-positive charge is merely increased and the attraction of positive electricity to positive electricity (increased potential) of a similar dimension is demonstrated.

"The misconceptions of modern science concerning the fundamental principles of attraction and repulsion are many and all are based upon the wrong belief that electricity is the repellant and magnetism is the attractive force." (The Universal One, Pg. 68-76)

All mass consists of energy accumulated by the attraction of gravitation into the appearance of form. All form is held together more or less closely by the relative force of gravitation which accompanies mass of various dimensions and relations. The law for big mass is the same as that for little masses. The gravitation which maps out the orbit of the light unit within the atom is exactly the same as that which maps out the orbit of a solar system.

Science considers the attraction of gravitation of the Solar system as an entirely different effect from the effect of motion within an atomic system. Atomic motion is presumed to be non-subject to the laws of gravitation. Science names one 'gravitation' and the other the 'electrical effect'. Both effects are the same. If the movements of planets and satellites are effects of gravitation and the same effects in smaller masses are 'electrical effects', why do smaller masses exactly follow the laws of larger masses?

"All effects of gravitation are electric effects and all effects of radiation are magnetic effects. All effects are electro-magnetic." ( The Universal One, Pgs. 146-7)

"Conventional theorists look to magnetism to solve the problem of solar energy distribution. If they were to open their eyes to the electrical cause of magnetism, the solution would suddenly become visible". (Thunderbolts.info)

"The current within a bar magnet of Iron flowing from South to North is an electric flow and the current is an induced current. The discharge current that flows outside the bar magnet of Iron is a magnetic flow which is conducted by the more expanded surrounding medium to a lower potential, or is deflected and regenerated by the resistance of the surrounding connecting medium. When so deflected, it is again attracted to the South pole of the bar of Iron, where it re-enters as an electric flow. Science describes this effect as magnetic induction.

Magnetic induction is impossible. Induction is an evidence of regeneration through sufficient resistance to degenerative conduction. Induction is an effect of generation or regeneration. Conduction is an effect of degeneration. Increasing induction which means increasing positive charge must be accompanied by an increasing power to attract. It must also be accompanied by an increasing negative discharge and an increasing power to repel. When a bar of Iron is 'magnetized' it is in reality electrified. The magnetic bases of the Iron atoms have contracted." (The Universal One, Pgs. 174-6)

The Induction laws suffer from the inconsistency that the expressions for the induced fields depend on the time derivatives dE/dt and dB/dt. This violates the causality principle as these quantities can only be defined at the time instant t by knowing the field value at the later time t+dt. Although the induction equations in their known form may be sufficiently accurate to deal with practical problems in electrodynamics, they do not provide a satisfactory explanation on a fundamental level. This could only be achieved by examining in detail the dynamic response of charge carriers in electric conductors to changes of external electric and magnetic fields (e.g. Lorentz force, Hall effect). In a vacuum, on the other hand, induction is not possible for the above mentioned reasons. This excludes electromagnetic waves however, which strictly have to be considered as a different phenomenon altogether (although they can be formally described by the Maxwell equations) as their time dependence is already given as sinusoidal and the causality problem does not arise, (Flaws in Concepts and Theories of Modern Physics).

Electrical motions are pushed spirally by magnetic radiation outward from points of cold dark stillness ("the void", Tao, or "still magnetic light") to planes of cold dark stillness (cubic wave-field boundaries of non-curvature and stillness) where they are pulled by gravity (electric implosion) back to their source, to be thrust outward and inward again perpetually, until the time when the Atom, Star or Galaxy has "grown old" and gyroscopically oblates it's wave-field on its cyclical octave journey from birth to death to birth again.

This process is a continuous motion with no gaps or breaks and therefore has to be a single force acting in two directions, both inward and outward where each condition becomes the other perpetually and simultaneously. The twin opposing electrical vortices which are the source of these "incandescent lights" and their physical manifestation as well as the "dark light" of outer space, bore deep into their centers of their spheres gyroscopically as they grow old and produce expanding rings and explosions which appear as Super Nova Types I and II, White Dwarfs and Quasars, respectively. We witness these effects of age and temperature limits being exceeded by Stars and Galaxies via the many nebula dispersed through the heavens.

"There are no negatively 'charged' particles in the Universe. Negative electricity discharges, while positive electricity charges. Positive electricity produces the condition of gravity by compression (pulling inward). Negative electricity produces the condition of radiation (gravity in it's "levity form") by expanding (pushing outward). It is impossible for one of the polarized conditions to be present without the other, for each opposite borns it's mate and interchanges with it until each one becomes the other." (A New Concept of the Universe, page 58)

"Modern science claims that negative 'charge' repels negative 'charge' and attracts positive charge, whereas, actually, negative charge repels both negative and positive charge. Magnetism is the repellant, or separative 'force' (effect) of this Universe of disintegrating matter. Electricity is the attractive force of the Universe of integrating matter.

Positive electricity is an endothermic, contractive force which is actively absorbing a comparatively large quantity of generative light units of heat which raises its potential and is expelling a smaller number of them, devitalized into magnetic radio-active emanations, thus slightly lowering its potential. Negative electricity is an exothermic, expansive force which is relatively absorbing a small quantity of generative light units of heat which instantly raises its potential and is expelling a greater number of them, devitalized into magnetic radio-active emanations, thus lowering its potential.

Now must it be clearly understood that magnetism, expelled by electricity from within a charging system, did not enter the system as magnetism or as negative electricity. Magnetism entered as positive electricity and became devitalized into negative electricity by nucleal absorption of its positive charge. It was then expelled from the higher inner pressure to the lower outer pressure of the system, in the form of magnetism.

The fact that electricity expels magnetism does not mean that it repels it. Expulsion is not repulsion. Expulsion is the result of electric attraction which causes electrically charged particles to draw closer together. This effect of closer assemblage, is a centripetal effect of contraction which squeezes magnetism away from the spaces between the integrating particles of electric preponderance. The magnetic flow resulting from this squeezing process is merely the reaction of the action of squeezing. The action of electricity might be likened unto the compression of a spring from within. The reaction of magnetism might be likened unto an elastic resistance to that compression by an exactly opposite pressure of expansion from within.

Viktor Schauberger's "Implosion Turbines" squeezed the bio-magnetic levity out of imploded Air or Water, by compressing the cubic wave-fields of the Atoms as they passed through the center of the turbine's vortex. Electricity functioned as the resistance in this manner, whereas we are accustomed to using magnetism as the resistance in a rotating magnetic field to produce AC electricity for our daily usage. Schauberger copied nature instead of fighting it and the reward of his technology is a superior form of energy production which creates bio-magnetic levity, a vastly more powerful form of energy, with none of the objectionable bi-products of heat, noise or pollution we experience using academic technologies.

The very attempt to divide the One substance (still magnetic light), gives the appearance of, but does not make two substances. It only develops two equal states of motion, which Man calls 'forces'. It but creates two illusions. Just so with positive electricity and negative electricity. They are not two forces. They are but aspects of One force attempting to separate, each by its own opposite method, thus becoming two forces. They never succeed in doing so. Each is charged with the other, permeated more or less, in accord with its periodicity. (The Universal One, Pgs. 75-81)

We are taught that opposites attract (Coulomb Law), but if this was so, then opposite poles of magnets (Stars, Planets and Moons) would be at their center not their ends. When the positive pole of a magnet (gravity bar) is brought into contact with the negative pole of another magnet, the effect that we think of as attraction is one of 'voidance'. It is a cessation of opposition or power to manifest anything. Polarity utterly ceases at this point and each opposite extends to each opposite end (of the combined magnets), each getting away from and through the other, spirally, as far as they can. To say that opposites attract each other therefore is the equivalent to saying that North attracts South, inward attracts outward, wetness attracts dryness or that darkness attracts incandescence. (The Secret of Light, pg. 155)

Magnetism is the repellant reaction to Electricity, not an attractive "force". It must be remembered that electricity is the attractive force and magnetism is the repellant force (effect). The attractive force attracts only the attractive force which is itself. Electricity does not attract the repellant force, neither does electricity repel the repellant force. On the other hand, magnetism which is the repellant force, does nothing but perform its function of repelling. It does not attract itself. A repellant force cannot be an attractive force, nor can the attractive force be a repellant force.

The energy of magnetism is the elastic energy of expansion, a straining energy ever pushing toward the inertial line of equalized pressure which lies between any two masses, while the energy of electricity is ever pulling toward the pulsing heart, the gravitational nucleus of every mass.

Magnetism is the brake upon the wheels of electricity resisting its generation of higher potential and registering that resistance as heat. Electricity is the accelerator which speeds magnetic radiation, the expansion of which is registered in cold. Electricity and magnetism are actually opposing forces (in appearance) which leap away from each other in exactly the opposite directions. Forces which depart one from the other do not attract each other. Opposing forces oppose each other.

Magnetism opposes electricity in its desire to transform this Universe into one solid, motionless, non-elastic ball of positive electricity. Electricity opposes magnetism in its desire to transform the Universe into one of equalized pressures where opposites disappear into dimensionless non-opposition". (The Universal One, pg. 78-81)

"It is commonly supposed that the North pole of a magnet is the positive pole, which attracts and the South pole of a magnet is its negative pole, which repels. The apparent ability of the positive pole of a magnet to attract the negative and the negative to attract the positive, has been one of the evidences which has built up the theory that opposite charges attract and like charges repel.

The evidence that like charges repel is as convincing as that the Moon keeps pace with moving Man, or that the Earth is flat. It is evidence one can really see, like other illusions of motion. The truth is that North is the apex of a cone (vortex) into which a super-normal electric stream is flowing, due to electric excitation. The reason that the South pole of the bar of Iron appears to attract the North pole of the compass needle is that the electric stream is flowing through both the Iron and the needle in the same direction, from South to North.

The so-called 'magnetized' bar of Iron is one in which a strong electric inductive current has so greatly contracted the generative and expanded the radiative cones of energy of the atoms of Iron that their polar magnetic bases and their ecliptic expansions have been vastly reduced and the speed of the generative and radiative flows correspondingly increased. Atoms of Iron not so treated, leap toward these faster moving streams.

The term 'magnetized' was given to Iron so treated because Iron exposed to the magnetic field of a generative coil always causes this effect. The magnetic field of a generative coil is the radioactive emanation, or discharge, of an overcharged coil. It is the degeneration of a generating charge when it leaves the generative coil. In other words, it is the leakage or overflow from an over filled receptacle. Not so however, when it impacts against the Iron. The Iron bar becomes electrified, not magnetized.

The bar of Iron and the so-called magnetic poles of a revolving rotating mass, such as this planet, are two different effects. Every mass such as a planet is supposed to be a 'magnet'. It is, but not like the 'magnetized' (electrified) bar of Iron, or the compass needle. It is a double magnet. Its two charging poles meet head on at the gravitative center of the planet and the oppositely flowing electric streams meet there.

In any mass when these two streams meet they oppose and spread against each other's force in the direction of the ecliptic plane area of the mass. It is commonly supposed that the 'magnetic' pole of this planet is analogous to a bar 'magnet' , being one continuous bar extending from the negative Antarctic South to the positive Arctic North.

The North attractive positive pole of the planet appears to attract the North attractive positive pole of the compass and the South repellant negative pole of the planet appears to attract the North attractive positive pole of the compass. The explanation lies in the fact that the one North direction of attraction in the bar of Iron and compass is continuous, while the two North directions of attraction in the planet are opposed. They meet at the center of the Earth at the apices of two opposing cones. The magnetic bases of the cones are respectively in the Arctic and Antarctic regions. As mass generates the magnetic bases disappear through the poles and reappear at the equator.

It has been previously explained that North of any mass is its gravitative center. The direction North is along the electric axes of the contracting cones of generation, from their bases to their apices. North is always in the direction of genero-activity, high pressure and high potential. In any mass, North is the gravitative-radiative center where the ability to attract and repel is at its maximum.

On the contrary South is always in the direction of radio-activity, low pressure and low potential. South is an extension of the equatorial plane which divides any mass. It is that part of a mass where radiative emanations are at their maximum. It is the plane of disappearance of the contours of the expanding cones of radiation.

It must continually be borne in mind that electricity contracts and attracts from within and that magnetism expands and repels also from within. (The Universal One, Pgs. 172-4)

EM various

  • Life cosmos: Bioelectromagnetism
    • "Metal Bits Self-Assemble Into Lifelike Snakes" (see video's at the link):
      • "These chains of metal particles look so much like real, living animals, it is hard not to think of them as alive. But they are actually bits of metal that came together under the influence of a specially tuned magnetic field. "It behaves like some live object," says physicist Alex Snezhko. "It moves. It crashes onto free-floating particles and absorbs them."" ... "The experimental setup is simple: just a liquid-filled beaker surrounded by a magnet. That magnet is hooked up to alternating current, which creates a magnetic field that can flip direction very quickly. Most of the time, when the scientists sprinkle particles into the liquid and turn on the current, nothing really interesting happens. Maybe the particles link together in static strings. But when the magnetic field is tuned just right, something strange happens. The particles snap into chains that just start swimming around."

EM spectrum


(todo: describe EM light rope model)
"The undulating spiral wave in the aether(?) fluid produces all the observed phenomena associated with light and the rest of the electromagnetic radiation." [15]
Abstract EM vortex rope of light


  • "Light is a wave composed of coupled electric and magnetic fields oscillating in synchrony at very high frequencies. The electric and magnetic fields oscillate perpendicular to each other and perpendicular to the direction the light is traveling." [19]
  • Light ropes at astronomical scales:

  • Light ropes at local scales:


  • "According to Dan Winter this is the relation between electromagnetism and gravity that Einstein was looking for. Russian scientists call these imploding electromagnetic energy fields, Torsion fields. The spiraling wave that spirals into the zero still point is the torsion wave. Tapping the zero point energy from the universe is tapping the energy from the matrix of energy that makes up our physical reality! It’s tapping the energy from gravity itself! In the fifties Dr. Hans Jenny demonstrated with his Cymatics experiments using simple sound waves that all of the Platonic Solids emerge as standing wave interference patterns in spherical volumes. This is the reason why geometric forms like the Platonic Solids are able to resonate with the energies of the universe. Russian science calls them passive torsion field generators. This is the secret of the Great Pyramid of Giza that is actually half an octahedron and is able to resonate with the torsion fields of the Earth. The Earth’s electromagnetic energy matrix, called the Earth grid consists completely of these nested Platonic Solids. The Platonic Solid energy grids of the atom simply locks into the larger Platonic Solids of the energy grid of the Earth, which in term locks in the energy matrix of the dodecahedral zodiac and the dodecahedral energy grid of the universe at large (from the latest Hubble space telescope observations). This makes up the matrix of our physical reality. The ancients understood all of this very well. It’s the secret of geomancy, Feng Shui, the art of channeling and balancing the Chi energy of the universe. By creating geometrical patterns on the land, resonance is created with the geometrical patterns of the energy matrix of our universe!" ... "If gravity is indeed electromagnetic in nature and can be explained by imploding electromagnetic vortexes, we should be able to reverse the natural process of gravity making and create anti-gravity and thrust that can levitate and propel vehicles and aircrafts." ... "The electrogravitic thrust created from this voltage is called the Biefeld-Brown effect, named after its inventors Thomas Townsend Brown and Paul Alfred Biefeld. The Biefeld-Brown effect is an anti-gravity effect created by high voltage charged asymmetric capacitors." ... "This mysterious Biefeld-Brown effect can be explained by Dan Winter’s implosion physics if we understand the fact that a static electric field in reality is an imploding electromagnetic field, or torsion field that is able to create real thrust. At a cosmic scale this effect creates planetary gravity as electromagnetic waves spiral in from outer space into the planets." [20]


  • Todo: describe matter as a state of condensed light (See also: "Secret of Light", Walter Russell)
  • "Magnetism is the repellant, or separative 'force' of disintegrating matter (from electricity). Electricity is the attractive force of integrating matter (to magnetism)."
    • Todo: describe the relation of the above to standing and running waves within electricity and matter, respectively creating 'static' matter and 'running' EM ropes.
      • Todo: describe the increasing wave spectrum from dense types of matters (BEC, gravitational centers?), to sparse types of matter (gas, plasma), to running EM ropes (light).

States of matter


  • Plasma (Classical element: Fire)
    • (to correct: since the mainstream atomic model concept used here isn't correct) "A plasma is typically an ionized gas. Plasma is considered to be a distinct state of matter because of its unique properties. Ionized refers to presence of one or more free electrons, which are not bound to an atom or molecule. The free electric charges make the plasma electrically conductive, meaning that it responds strongly to electromagnetic fields."
    • Plasmas are by far the most common phase of matter in the universe, both by mass and by volume. It is often stated that more than 99% of the universe is plasma.
    • There are 3 distinctly different steady state modes in which a plasma can operate [24]:
      Plasma modes voltage currentdensity correlation.jpg
      • Dark Current Mode - The strength of the electrical current (flow of charged particles) within the plasma is very low. The plasma does not glow. It is essentially invisible. We would not know a plasma was there at all unless we measured its electrical activity with sensitive instruments. The present day magnetospheres of the planets are examples of plasmas operating in the dark current mode.
      • Normal Glow Mode - The strength of the electrical current (flow of charged particles) is significant. The entire plasma glows. The brightness of the glow depends on the intensity of the current in the plasma. Examples: Any neon sign. Emission nebulae. The Sun's corona.
      • Arc Mode - The strength of the electrical current in the plasma is very high. The plasma radiates brilliantly over a wide spectrum. Current tends to form twisting filaments. Examples of this mode of operation are: An electric arc welding machine. Lightning. The Sun's photosphere.
    • Birkeland currents:
      • "Electric current, passing through a plasma, will take on the corkscrew (spiral) shape discovered by Birkeland. These Birkeland currents most often occur in pairs. There is a tendency for these pairs to compress between them any material (ionized or not) in the plasma. This is called the "Z-pinch" effect. The ability of Birkeland currents to accrete and compress even non-ionized material is called "Marklund convection"." [25]
      • "A Birkeland current generally refers to any electric current in a space plasma, but more specifically when charged particles in the current follow magnetic field lines (hence, Birkeland currents are also known as field-aligned currents). They are caused by the movement of a plasma perpendicular to a magnetic field. Birkeland currents often show filamentary, or twisted "rope-like" magnetic structure." The reason for this twisting is that at a longer distance the magnetic field currents are attracted to each other, but at a shorter distance they repel each other.
    • See also:





  • Bose-Einstein condensate (BEC):
    • "A state of matter of bosons confined in an external potential and cooled to temperatures very near to absolute zero (0 K or −273.15 °C). Under such supercooled conditions, a large fraction of the atoms collapse into the lowest quantum state of the external potential, at which point quantum effects become apparent on a macroscopic scale."
    • BEC matter becomes one extremely slow standing wave, with near perfect, frictionless synchronicity.

Phases of matter



  • Robert Hooke (1635–1703)
    • He's called "the father of microscopy" — it was Hooke who coined the term "cell" to describe the basic unit of life.
  • Nicola Tesla.jpg Nicola Tesla (1856-1943)
    • Article collection on Tesla's work
    • "He invented Alternating current, Neon lamps, Radio transmission, The Electric motor, Wireless energy transfer, Remote control, Hydraulics, Lasers, Space weapons, Robotics, and many, many more things. As Tesla claimed to have invented a way to harness free energy from the voltage difference in the ionosphere that causes lightning, he was seen as a threat to the world energy economy and most of his inventions were classified for national security by the US government. A lot of his discoveries in physics have not been released to the public, despite being invented nearly 100 years ago. Other technologies not yet released to the public include HAARP Elecromagnetic technology and high energy directed particle beams used in space weapons." [27]
    • Some Electromechanical devices and principles developed by Tesla [28]:
      • various devices that use rotating magnetic fields (1882)
      • induction motor and high frequency alternator
      • means for increasing the intensity of electrical oscillations
      • alternating current long-distance electrical transmission system (1888)
      • Tesla coil
      • bladeless turbine
      • bifilar coil
      • Telegeodynamics
      • systems for wireless communication (prior art for the invention of radio) and radio frequency oscillators
      • robotics and the "AND" logic gate
      • X-rays Tubes using the bremsstrahlung process
      • devices for ionized gases
      • devices for high field emission
      • devices for charged particle beams
      • methods for providing extremely low level of resistance to the passage of electrical current
      • voltage multiplication circuitry
      • devices for high voltage discharges
      • devices for lightning protection
      • Magnifying Transmitter
      • VTOL aircraft
      • Dynamic theory of gravity
      • concepts for electric vehicles
    • See also:
  • Arie M. DeGeus (-2007, murdered?)
    • Free-Energy Battery Inventor Assassinated?
      • "DeGeus was the inventor of a thin wafer-like material/device that somehow specially aligned the atoms or electron currents ongoing in that material, so that the wafer produced a constant amperage at a small voltage – continuous real power, or in other words a strange kind of “self-powering battery."
      • "Bearden also speculates about the cause of death, citing a technology that shoots an electromagnetic beam that destroys the body’s control of its heartbeat. He said there are two basic sizes of the Venus ECCM technique. One has a range of around thirty feet, and the other, about the size of a bazooka, has an effective range of around 200 feet."


  • 2006:
    • Introduction to Plasma Physics: A graduate course (pdf version), Richard Fitzpatrick (University of Texas at Austin)
    • Donald scott.gif The electric sky.jpg The Electric Sky, Donald Scott
    • The Sun and Energy, Dan Bar-Zohar
      • Abstract: "The sun energy source is not nuclear fusion but magnetic fields from the center of the Galaxy. The sun converts energy to mass and not mass to energy." ... "The sun energy source thought to be a nuclear fusion reactor inside the sun core. The sun is not heated by fusion reaction but by magnetic fields coming from the galactic center. The nuclear fusion is a by product of the magnetic fields heating. The changing magnetic fields from the galactic center induce electric currents inside the sun that heat the sun. The heat and the high kinetic energy of particles in the sun core, trigger high energy collisions that create the main constituents of matter, electron, proton and neutron. The collisions also fuse or nucleosynthesis heavier elements like deuterium, tritium, helium and lithium. This leads to the fact that the stars and galaxies constantly produce mass and energy. The article will explain the clockworks behinds the galaxies energy production. The galaxy energy and mass production cancel out the Big Bang theory and leads to a steady state cosmological model with large amount of new mass created that expand and accelerate the universe."
    • ElectroFractalUniverse.jpg Electro-fractal Universe, Colin Hill
    • Jp farrell.jpg SSbrotherhood.jpg The SS Brotherhood of the Bell: Nasa's Nazis, JFK, And Majic-12, Joseph P. Farrell (toresearch: his credibility), ISBN 978-1931882613




  • 'More mainstream sites':