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“Fascism should more appropriately be called Corporatism (Corporatocracy) because it is a merger of state and corporate power.” - Benito Mussolini


Nevertheless, it is no secret that the Holy See today's largest financial powers of the earth is one and his political influence has grown, not least for this reason constantly in recent years. The enormous scope of the commercial activity of the Vatican already suggests the mere fact that the name of the Money Manager Nogara appearing in at least 74 supervisory boards of large companies. (In Germany, the banker Hermann Abs holds directorships with 26 the top.) The preservation of the Vatican trade secrets is ensured primarily by the fact that the administration of share ownership is concentrated in the hands of a few Catholic laymen. The left-liberal Roman weekly "Espresso" (grants and subsidies: the former office machines Olivetti, Fiat today) recently published a list of those individuals who has eleven names: Besides Nogara and Spada to configure their three nephews of the Pope (Carlo, Marcantonio and Giulio Pacelli), Count Pietro Enrico Galeazzi (head of technical works of the Vatican City), Giovanni Battista Sacchetti (Oberfurier the Holy palaces), Eugenio Gualdi, Count Paolo Blumenstihl, Francesco Maria Oddasso and Italian ex-Ambassador Vittorio Cerruti. DER SPIEGEL 33/1958 [6]


“Corporation, n. An ingenious device for obtaining individual profit without individual responsibility.” - Ambrose Bierce
  • Etymology
    • mid-15c., "persons united in a body for some purpose," from such use in Anglo-Latin, from L.L. corporationem (nom. corporatio), noun of action from corporat-, pp. stem of L. corporare "to embody" (see corporate). Meaning "legally authorized entity" (including municipal governments and modern business companies) is from 1610s. [7]

  • Corporation Vs Mercantilism
    • Corporations are not natural supporters of Capitalism. Instead, in an environment of rent-seeking politics, they are natural supporters of Mercantilism, the economic system that Adam Smith himself attacked in his Wealth of Nations [1776]. Under Mercantilism, the principle is the protection of business, and of producers, rather than consumers. This all goes back to business in the Middle Ages, when the sentiment was that no one had any right to engage in business without the permission of the government, i.e. the sovereign. A purely Feudal economy, of course, had no need of trade, money, merchants, or cities. The introduction of such things could be seen as unnecessary, or perhaps an independent source of power for the sovereign. Thus, a ruler would charter an enterprise, almost always with a monopoly of commerce. This was seen as best for the business and consequently best for the ruler, who would tax the business and benefit along with it. That the subjects in general, the consumers, would benefit from products being provided was a concern that came a distant second. After all, a great deal of trade was in expensive luxury goods, like soap or spices, and most subjects of European monarchies could not afford those things anyway. And if they began to use soap, they might begin to get above their station. [8]
    • Etymology and history of Corporations


37 banks have merged to become just four — JPMorgan Chase, Bank of America, Wells Fargo and CitiGroup in a little over two decades, according to this Federal Reserve map.

The nation's 10 largest financial institutions hold 54% of our total financial assets; in 1990, they held 20%. As MotherJones reports, the number of banks has dropped from more than 12,500 to about 8,000. Our money is all in the hands of a few megacorporations too. Here's all the stuff that merged into Citigroup, JP Morgan Chase, Bank of America, and Wells Fargo since 1996. Now, according to MotherJones, 54% of all the financial assets in the United States are owned by just 10 institutions. [1] (click to enlarge)


  • Credit Suisse
    • The present ruling Pope Pius XII. added these two institutions have added a third, the "Opera religiosa" ("Institute for Religious Works"), which has become the home of the Vatican Bank. She works closely with the Credit Suisse in Zurich together, at the turn should be the Jesuits involved with a handsome package. The close connection between the two financial institutions is seen in the fact that an employee of Credit Suisse as a permanent liaison officer in the Roman "Opera religiosa" sits. DER SPIEGEL, #33, 13.08.1958 [9]

  • BNP Paribas
    • In France, extending the interests of the Society of Jesus .... and the "Banque de Paris et des Pays-Bas," [10]

  • Bank of America
    • "The influence of the Society of Jesus on the American financial sector became visible first 50 years ago, when the Italian Financier A.P. Gianni (note: SMOM) founded the Bank of California, which is today, under the changed name 'Bank of America, one of the biggest banks on the planet. Gianni was a very clever financier who owns his seed capital to the Jesuits and worked as their delegate or stooge. Today the Bank of America belongs to 51% to the Order [of the Jesuits]'" from DER SPIEGEL, #33, 13.08.1958 [11] [12]
    • Bank of America was founded in Jesuit-ruled San Francisco by Italian-American Roman Catholic Knight of Malta Amadeo Giannini in 1904. [13]
  • former BCCI bank - (todo: check all historic connections and cover-ups of this crime bank)


To research: other private equity companies ([15]):



Stock exchanges




(todo: classify by size)

Private Conglomerates

  • Koch Industries
  • Cargill


The Ten Major Food Companies (click to enlarge)

Food processing

Food brands and chains

  • Domino's Pizza
    • Tom Monaghan is the founder of Domino's Pizza (which got huge very fast, despite it's small start). He is also the founder of Legatus, an organization of top Roman Catholic businessmen. He started Legatus after being 'inspired' (Ordered) by his meeting with the Pope (John Paul II). He also has a military background ('Ex' Marine). He is also a Knight of Malta who tried to get others he knew to join SMOM [17]

Large supermarket chains

(todo: national and international)



Monsanto Infographic
  • Monsanto
    • John Francis Queeny—founder of The Monsanto Company—was a Knight of Malta. Irish-American Roman Catholic Queeny (1859-1933) founded the company in 1901 within the Jesuit stronghold of St. Lewis—hosting the Black Pope’s Saint Louis University since 1818. Monsanto is the world’s leading producer of the herbicide “Roundup,” as well as producing 90% of the world’s genetically modified seeds. Once the manufacturer of the now outlawed DDT and Agent Orange during Francis Cardinal Spellman’s CIA-directed Vietnam War, the company also developed and now markets bovine growth hormone, further poisoning the food chain here in America. Upon purchasing G. D. Searle and Company in 1985, Monsanto, via its NutraSweet Company, is the manufacturer of aspartame', the notorious neuro-toxin sold to the public as an artificial sweetener. Aspartame is the “sweetener” in the “soft drink” “Pepsi,” Pepisico once employing JFK assassin/FBI liaison to the Warren Commission and Knight of Malta Cartha D. DeLoach. And to continue the Order’s modus operandi of placing a Jew at the head of their cartel-capitalist enterprises, Robert B. Shapiro was Monsanto’s CEO from 1995 to 2000. The devil’s Great Conspiracy for world government must always appear to be led by Jews, never by the Pope of Rome using select, Masonic “Court Jews” as his underlings! [18]
    • Michael Taylor: He was Monsanto`s chief attorney and lobbyist. He knows his way around the FDA and USDA since he`s influenced both agencies. Monsanto Mike was the one who pushed Monsanto`s rBGH (recombinant Bovine Growth Hormone) to help poison milking cows and consumers` milk. Then he made it illegal for non-cooperating dairy farms to display “no rBGH” on their milk cartons. He made life financially miserable for those dairy farmers who didn`t play ball. Some suspect a Food Czar link with the current raw milk raids. After all, milk is Monsanto Mike`s familiar turf, and his chief administrative duty is food safety. [23]
      • In case you`re not sure of Monsanto`s destructive nature, here`s a short list of Monsanto`s toxic products: Agent Orange, PCBs, aspartame, rBGH, and Ready Roundup. Google them. Monsanto developed terminator seeds, forcing farmers to buy new seeds because they cannot be recycled after first harvest. Monsanto is the world`s leading GMO producer. And they sue farmers for violating patent laws when non-GMO farms` crops are inadvertently infested by neighboring GMO crops. Monsanto is making sure they own patents on almost all other non-GMO seeds as well. Their stated goal is to own the world`s food production. Think food mafia!

  • DuPont
    • To American companies a few years ago in South America competing companies called into life, the Society of Jesus had also monopolized mercury. The financial expert of the order it was in fact succeeded in 1923, to take possession of all shares of the famous Spanish mercury mines of Almaden, which were owned by the Madrid Banco Hispano-Americano. Market Historically, it was a masterful coup, because the Jesuit America's largest chemical company Du Pont de Nemours hit out of the field, who also wanted to purchase the Almaden shares. The founder of this trust, Alfred II, du Pont de Nemours; said at the time: "I've made a lot of experience, you should never argue with priests, especially not with the Jesuits."
  • Dow Chemical
  • Todo: meat and animal produce (milk, eggs, etc.) industry


"The Drugs that completely cure are not profitable" - Interview with Dr. Richard J. Roberts, Nobel Prize in Medicine 1993 [24]


Real estate



Clearly through these three Jesuit Temporal Coadjutors, the Order rules Boston-based State Street Corporation through which the Society has controlling stock in British Petroleum. [2]
  • British Petroleum
    • The largest shareholder of BP is State Street Corporation evidenced by undeniable documentation in the video above. The Chairman of State Street is Ronald E. Logue; the President is Joseph (Jay) L. Hooley. Both men were educated by Jesuits at Boston College, both men are Irish-American Roman Catholics and both men, in the opinion of your editor, are Jesuit Temporal Coadjutors for the ubiquitous and monstrous Company of Jesus. [25]
      • No other British Company has more members on Government Task Forces. BP have paid for employees to work in the British Embassy in Washington and on the Foreign Office's Middle East Desk in London. They also have staff working inside the DTI.
      • In 1993 BP were accused of backing a coup in the former Soviet State of Azerbaijan which installed a ruthless ex-KGB man as President. President Haydar Aliyev then proceeded to sign a five billion pound deal which gave BP the lead role in a consortium of Western companies which now dominates the oil business in the region. [26]
      • In 1996 a Colombian Government report revealed that BP had collaborated with death squads in Colombia. BP spent millions funding the Colombian army - in 1998 they gave an extra thirty nine million pounds. [27]
      • The Chairman of BP during this period (1995-1997) was "Lord Simon" appointed in 1997 by Tony Blair as Minister for European Trade and competition, at which time he resigned from his other directorships at Grand Metropolitan, Deutsche Bank and Rio Tinto Zinc. (Simon was invested as a Commander of the Order of the British Empire in 1991)

  • Gazprom
    • "... the largest extractor of natural gas in the world and the largest Russian company." [29]
  • PetroChina
    • "The papacy is the cause for the genocide of the non-Moslem Blacks in Darfur, a region of Sudan. The actual murderers are Sunni Arab and Black Moslems of northern Sudan. They are financed by a Chinese oil company called "PetroChina." One of the foremost investors of PetroChina is JP Morgan/Chase. JP Morgan/Chase, based in New York City, is owned by the Knights of Malta controlled by Knight of Malta Edward Cardinal Egan "the Archbishop of the capital of the world" in the words of Pope John Paul II. Now if the Knights are murdering the non-Muslim ("infidel")Blacks of southern Sudan (Darfur), and the Knights of Malta rule Blackwater and the Department of Homeland Security, just what do the Knights have in store for the Blacks here in the Black Pope's Masonically led, CFR-ruled, "Holy Roman" Fourteenth Amendment, Corporate Fascist (Republican), Socialist Communist (Democrat) American Empire?" Eric Jon Phelps

Coal energy


Nuclear energy


  • BHP Billiton
    • Another mining giant with world wide interests, covering Iron Ore, Coal, Copper, Oil and Gas, Diamonds, Silver, Lead, Zinc, Aluminium and Alumina, Chrome and Manganese. One of the major shareholders is Chase Nominees i.e. Rockefellers.
  • Freeport-McMoRan
    • This Company is one of the world's largest and lowest cost copper and gold producers from its Grasberg mine in Irian Jaya. It was listed in 1996 as one of the ten worst corporations and has been focused for decades by labour, indigenous and human rights as well as environmental groups. The Grasberg concession's worth is estimated at $50 billion. A noteworthy member of the Freeport Board of Directors is the former Secretary of State, Henry Kissinger, the company's main lobbyist for dealings with Indonesia. Dr. Kissinger has had strong connections in Indonesia since his meeting with President Suharto prior to the invasion of East Timor, reportedly to provide full American support. Kissinger's (Director of Freeport-McMoRan 1988-1995) firm receives a yearly retainer fee of $200,000 from Freeport and he has been a director of the parent Company Freeport McMoran Inc. since the late 1980s.[30]
  • De Beers
    • Eighty per cent of the world's diamond market is controlled by De Beers, who in their turn are controlled by the Oppenheimer family. The value of diamonds is regulated by the supply of "rough" allowed on to the market, and not because diamonds are rare. In 1998 De Beers were accused of colluding in the war in Angola and trading in "war diamonds". A booklet entitled "A Rough Trade" was produced by the organisation Global Witness and caused De Beers, caught on the back foot, to announce the closure of its office in Angola.
    • video: "The Diamond Empire: Oppenheimer family's cartel, Artificial scarcity (1994)"


  • Republic Steel and National Steel: The Jesuits owns shares of the steel company Republic Steel and National Steel. [31]

Manufacturing industry


Major Automobil Companies and their relationship [3] (click to enlarge)
  • Ford Motor Company: Apart from the fact that I. G. Farben supported Hitler, their cartel partner "Standard Oil" (Rockefeller) fanned the flames against the Nazis. The "Ford Motor Company" for instance helped to build up the American army while at the same time producing in Germany military vehicles for the Nazis (see: Trading with the Enemy Act). Ford and Opel (subsidiary of General Motors that is controlled by J. P. Morgan) were the two largest producers of tanks in Hitler's Germany. Whatever the outcome of the war, these multinational companies had already made their cuts. Many enterprises followed this principle during the Second World War. Why is there nothing about all this in schoolbooks or encyclopaedias? Especially in Germany where the freedom of the press is apparently honoured and the truth is taught? One of the reasons is that the Rockefeller Foundation spent US $139,000 in 1946 to present an official history of the Second World War which covered up the whole story of the U.S. bankers building up the Nazi regime as well as the occult and mystical background of the Nazis. One of the main sponsors was Rockefeller's own "Standard Oil Corp."
  • General Motors: In 1974 one Bradford Snell, a staff attorney for the U.S. Senate antitrust subcommittee, advanced the startling proposition that GM had
  1. sabotaged energy-efficient electric transit systems in 45 cities around the country, including LA, in order to sell more fuel-guzzling buses and autos (see General Motors streetcar conspiracy)
  2. forced the railroads to replace nonpolluting electric locomotives with GM-built diesels by threatening to withhold lucrative auto shipments; and, most astonishing of all, (3)
  3. treasonously built armaments for the Nazis during World War II through Opel, its German subsidiary. Not surprisingly, Snell's charges were widely publicized. [32]
  • Peugeot and Citroen: In France, extending the interests of the Society of Jesus on the car company Peugeot and Citroen [33]


  • Huawei: "...... The company [Huawei, linked with Chinese intelligence] is a charge that some of the other `move` 1.vora with Iran and Belarus, countries in the "black list" of Washington. ...Huawei had taken a leading role [in Italy]: to create a network of wide band t.i.c. [wide band telecommunications] in order to ensure connectivity to the scientific and academic community, the other one to provide technology to the remote control system of the national electricity grid and to the management of the electricity market....." [34]
  • Motorola todo


  1. it slowly encouraged the evolution of regional into nation states;
  2. a commercial class emerged which, in return for paying taxes, received state protection in the form of monopolies and tariffs;
  3. once colonies were established, managing the transport of private goods and the volume of trade enriched the imperialist states and provided both significant employment for the general population and opportunities for upward class mobility for the more enterprising individuals.

  • Dutch East India Company - (1602-1798)
    • One of the first official multinational corporations in the world, after the Roman Catholic / Vatican global 'enterprise'.
      • The East India Company was a major subsidizer of the Jesuit mission to Beijing. The Jesuits, in turn, interceded with oriental monarchs to secure lucrative commercial favors for the company, including monopolies on tea, spices, saltpeter (for explosives), silks, and the world’s opium trade. Indeed ... the company appears to owe its very existence to the Society of Jesus. [35] — Tupper Saussy; Rulers of Evil


Airline industry consolidation [4] (click to enlarge)

Cargo and shipping

  • COSCO ("China Ocean Shipping Company" - one of the largest liner shipping companies)

Information technology




Computers & software

Hitler meeting with IBM Pioneer , Thomas Watson in 1937
Among the 12 of the country’s leading technology executives who were invited for the meeting with Obama were CEOs including Apple’s Steve Jobs, Facebook’s Mark Zuckerberg, Oracle’s Larry Ellison, outgoing Google’ Eric Schmidt, Yahoo’s Carol Bartz, Cisco Systems’ John Chambers, Twitter’s Dick Costolo, and NetFlix’s Reed Hastings. Surprisingly Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer and founder Bill Gates were not (invited?) for the dinner. [5]
  • Google (to research: military origins, secret services ties, financial backing hierarchy, censorship actions, etc.)
  • IBM
    • IBM and the Holocaust
      • "The founder of IBM was a mason, and "the IBM Hollerith Machine Punch Card system was very profitable in WWII, cleverly "leased" to the Nazi regime to create enabling technologies to identify and catalog non-compliant peoples. IBM custom-designed and constantly updated the Hollerith Machine using the punch-card system and thus Hitler was able to automate his persecution of the undesirables" [36]
      • video: One Mainframe To Rule Them All
  • Oracle (to research: military origins)
  • In-Q-Tel
    • The workforce of DS&T incorporates some 50 different disciplines, ranging from computer scientists to engineers to linguists. DS&T is involved in a whole range of functions that support the entire intelligence cycle. These activities include collecting information and materials of intelligence value from foreign open sources, developing and deploying collection systems against the most challenging intelligence targets, supporting the National Reconnaissance Office... In pursuit of these activities, DS&T in 2001 developed In-Q-Tel, a nonprofit corporation intended to seek information technology solutions to critical needs faced by CIA as a whole.[37]
  • Facebook (to research: secret service ties, financial backing hierarchy)
  • Nexidia - The Google of Telephone calls -
    • Nexidia automates the search process, increases operator efficiency and provides targeted listening - all with minimal impact to your agency's current workflow. The result is faster, better analysis that enables superior threat detection and response. Nexidia is the leading provider of phonetic speech technology solutions to agencies including the U.S. Department of Defense, intelligence gathering organizations and Federal and State Law Enforcement agencies. [38]
    • Nexidia's software basically takes recorded audio and indexes it the way Google does text on a page. Type in your search string, wait a while for the database search to compile, and all the calls with that instance come up with the audio passage itself marked. You can isolate every instance of "ass hole" and "damn you" and "shut the hell up", for example. When used by the NSA on recorded phone calls, that constitutes data-mining and a "driftnet" approach, to my view. These officials need to be exposed as the liars they are. [39]

Military & Security

  • Raytheon - Raytheon means "light from the gods."
    • E-Systems (Raytheon Intelligence and Information Systems)
      • One of Raytheon's more secretive subsidiaries is E-Systems, whose major clients have historically been the CIA and other spy agencies like the National Security Agency and the National Reconnaissance Office. [41]
  • Ptech
    • The Albanian government has seized the assets of a wealthy Saudi (Yasin al-Qadi) that, for several years, reportedly maintained simultaneous connections to both al-Qaeda and the U.S. government while serving the interests of the CIA. 911blogger.com
    • todo: reference David Hawkins research on the Ptech network
    • todo: reference Dave Emory's podcast on the Ptech network

  • CACI International Services:
    • "A publicly held Information Technology (IT) company, headquartered in Arlington, Virginia and London, England. CACI provides national security, defense, and intelligence-related solutions in the national interest of the United States to counter the threat of global terrorism, assure homeland security, and strengthen the company’s role as a national asset for national missions. CACI has approximately 11,800 employees in 120 offices in the US and Europe; 69% of CACI employees hold security clearances."
    • Richard Armitage was a former Deputy Secretary of State and former board member of CACI, the private military contractor whose employees were responsible for torturing prisoners at Abu Ghraib prison.
  • Mitre Corporation
    • The MITRE Corp. is a major defense contracting organization headed by the former Director of Central Intelligence (DCI), Dr. James Rodney Schlesinger. Schlesinger, who was reportedly made DCI at the request of Henry Kissinger in 1973, later served as Secretary of Defense. Schlesinger was former director of strategic studies at the RAND Corp from 1963 to 1969. The MITRE Corp., of which Schlesinger is chairman of the board of trustees, is connected to the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), MIT's Lincoln Laboratory, and Mitretek Systems (now called Noblis) of Falls Church, Va. Schlesinger is a senior advisor for the Lehman Brothers investment firm and a member of the Defense Policy Board and advisory council for the Department of Homeland Security (DHS).[43]
    • Note: The name Mitre just like the papal mitre or Mithras
  • European Gendarmerie Force
    • The European Gendarmerie Force (EUROGENDFOR or EGF) was launched by an agreement in 2006 between five states of the European Union (EU): France, Italy, the Netherlands, Portugal, and Spain. Romania subsequently joined in 2009. Its purpose is the creation of a European intervention force, designed after the French Gendarmerie, the Spanish Guardia Civil, and the Italian Unità Specializzata Multinazionale (M.S.U.) of the Carabinieri;[citation needed] that force will have militarised police functions and specialise in crisis management. Its status is enshrined in the Treaty of Velsen of 18 October 2007.

Legal support

Think tanks





Ford Foundation

  • Ford Foundation, the CIA & U.S Establishment part 1part 2part 3
    • The mass-circulation weekly TEMPO accused Ford of having once played, at the urging of the U.S. Central Intelligence Agency, a covert role in Indonesian political affairs by consciously supporting the work of individuals who were deemed to be sympathetic to the anti-communist aims of American foreign policy. — Chronicle of Philanthropy, 12/13/01 [49]
    • The Ford Foundation's history of collaboration and interlock with the CIA in pursuit of U.S. world hegemony is now a well-documented fact...The Ford Foundation has in some ways refined their style of collaboration with Washington's attempt to produce world cultural domination, but retained the substance of that policy...The ties between the top officials of the Ford Foundation and the U.S. government are explicit and continuing. —James Petras in "The Ford Foundation and the CIA: A documented case of philanthropic collaboration with the Secret Police" on 12/15/2001 [50]

Retail chains





  • to research:
    • al-Faisal links
    • "I know a friend who works for American Airlines and just found this recently. Here are a few of the Jesuit-controlled corporations that totally support their Jesuits in congress and the government: American Airlines, TWA, Anheuser Busch, AT&T, Bell Atlantic, Boeing, Cigna, Coca-Cola, Daimler Chrysler, Exxon, Ford Motor Company, General Electric, Hewlett-Packard, Home Depot, May Company, McDonald's, Motorola, Philip Morris, Price-Waterhouse, Rite Aid, RJR Nabisco, Sony Corp. of America, Texaco, United Parcel Service, Walt Disney Company, and Wells Fargo. Strange that American Airlines planes used on sept 11th. I would have thought they owned United too?" [51]