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  • 1624:
    • Foot of the snare.JPGTHE FOOT OUT OF THE SNARE: Jesuits in England, 1624
    • The foot out of the snare : with a detection of sundry late practices and impostures of the priests and Jesuits in England. Whereunto is added a catalogue of such bookes as in this authors knowledge have been vented within two yeeres last past in London, by the priests and their agents (1624)

  • 1656:
    • Blaise pascal.gif Provincial letters.jpg Provincial Letters: Moral Teachings of the Jesuit Fathers Opposed to the Church of Rome and Latin Vulgate [5], Blaise Pascal (1623–1662), ("Lettres provinciales", 18 letters written under pseudonym, translated by Thomas M'Crie, published in 1892), wikipedia article
      • See also: Antoine Arnauld, Casuistry, Catholic article on Blaise Pascal
      • "But, be it rare or not, and let it be granted that (red.: Jesuit Father) Layman follows in this the example of Navarre, a circumstance on which you lay so much stress, is it not shameful that he should consent to such an opinion as that, to preserve a false honour, it is lawful in conscience to accept of a challenge, in the face of the edicts of all Christian states, and of all the canons of the Church, while in support of these diabolical maxims you can produce neither laws, nor canons, nor authorities from Scripture, or from the fathers, nor the example of a single saint, nor, in short, anything but the following impious synogism: "Honour is more than life; it is allowable to kill in defence of life; therefore it is allowable to kill in defence of honour!" What, fathers!" ... " What a subversion of all principle is here, fathers! And who does not see to what atrocious excesses it may lead? It is obvious, indeed, that it will ultimately lead to the commission of murder for the most trifling things imaginable, when one's honour is considered to be staked for their preservation- murder, I venture to say, even for an apple! You might complain of me, fathers, for drawing sanguinary inferences from your doctrine with a malicious intent" ... "For, after due representations had been made to them of the penalties they would draw upon themselves by their refusal to sign the Constitution, and the scandal it might cause in the Church, their reply was ....." (Letter XIV)
  • 1659:
    • Richard Baxter.jpg Fortypopishfrauds.jpg Jesuit Juggling: Forty Popish Frauds Detected and Disclosed, Richard Baxter (1615-1691)
      • "The more cause have all Christian princes and states to be vigilant against those incendiaries: because they trust to war and violence, and build their kingdom on it, and therefore study it day and night. Because they have Jesuits all abroad continually upon the design: whose contrivances and endeavors are day and night to bring nations to their will, and to kindle divisions and wars among them to attain their ends." (p.310)



  • 1835:
    • Samuel Morse.jpg FOREIGN CONSPIRACY.png Foreign Conspiracy against the Liberties of the United States ([10], [11], [12]), Samuel Finley Breese Morse (1791-1872)
      • "Will it be said, that however officious in the old countries, yet here, by some strange metamorphosis, Popery has changed its character, and is modified by our institutions ; that here it is surely religious, seeking only the religious welfare of the people, that it does not meddle with the state? It is not true that Popery meddles not with the politics of the country. The cloven foot has already shown itself. Popery is organized at the elections!"
      • "The conspirators against our liberties who have been admitted from abroad through the liberality of our institutions, are now organized in every part of the country"
      • "The recklessness and unprincipled character of too many of our politicians give a great advantage to these conspirators.' There is a set of men in the country who will have power and office, cost what they may ; men who, without a particle of true patriotism, will yet ring the changes on the glory and honor of their country, talk loud of liberty, flatter the lowest prejudices, and fawn upon the powerful and the influential ; men who study politics only, that they may balance the chances of their own success in falling in with, or opposing, this or that fluctuating interest, without caring whether that interest tends to the security or the downfall of their country s institutions."
      • "The political character of this ostensibly religious enterprise proved from the letters of the Jesuits now in this country. Their antipathy to private judgment. Their anticipations of a change of our form of government Our government declared top free for the exercise of their divine rights."
    • Samuel Morse.jpg Imminent Dangers to the Free Institutions of the United States Through Foreign Immigration and the Present State of the Naturalization Laws, Samuel Finley Breese Morse (1791-1872)
      • "Returning to New York at the end of his grand tour of Italy in 1830 and 1831, Samuel F.B. Morse hurried into print to warn his countrymen of the insidious Papal designs on the United States. His essays were later published in two volumes: Foreign Conspiracy Against the Liberties of the United States and Imminent Dangers to the Free Institutions of the United Stales through Foreign Immigration. European despots, he told his thousands of readers, were trembling lest the democratic institutions of America inspire revolts on the part of their own peoples. These institutions could not be overthrown by arms, for the United States was too powerful; hence monarchs had allied with the Catholic Church, which Morse considered a giant religious despotism, to dispatch its servile minions across the Atlantic, disguised as immigrants, until they were numerous enough to seize control. “You,” he thundered to his fellow Americans, “are marked for their prey, not by foreign bayonets, but by weapons surer of effecting the conquest of liberty than all the munitions of physical combat in the military or naval storehouses of Europe.” Only by closing the gates to those immigrants, Morse believed, could America be saved." [13]
    • Samuel Morse.jpg Samuel F. B. Morse, His Letters and Journals: volume 1, volume 2 (published in 1914?), Samuel Finley Breese Morse (1791-1872)
      • "The course of some of our journals on the subject of Popery has led to the belief that they are covertly under the control of the Jesuits. And let me say, sir, that the modes of control in the resources of this insidious society, notorious for its political arts and intrigues, are more numerous, more powerful, and more various than an unsuspicious people are at all conscious of.... "Mr. Y. falls into the common error and deprecates what he calls _religious_ controversy, as if the subject of Popery was altogether religious. History, it appears to me, must have been read to very little purpose by any one who can entertain such an error in regard to the cunningest political despotism that ever cursed mankind." (volume 2, chapter XXII: 1833-1836)

  • 1845:
    • John dowling.gif Histromanism.jpg The History of Romanism: from the Earliest Corruptions of Christianity to the Present Time [15], John Dowling (1807-1878)
    • Eugene Sue.jpg The wandering jew.jpg The Wandering Jew, Eugène Sue (1804-1857)
      • See also: Wandering Jew
      • "Martin: Astor, Guggenheim, and Straus were three Jewish men who went down with the Titanic. Why do you focus so much of your attention on Astor? Phelps: John Jacob Astor was the wealthiest Jew in the world, some say the wealthiest man in the world. But he was, most definitely, the wealthiest Jew. He did not have more money than the Pope. But he was the wealthiest man in the world and he was using his wealth NOT in accord with the Jesuit Order. Now, later, his son, John Jacob Astor IV, became part of the money trust, which can be found on the Internet; and so the Jesuits had access, now, to the Astor fortune. They control it now. But, at that time, they got rid of Astor because they wanted his fortune, and they wanted to end his resistance to the establishment of a national bank. And they do this pursuant to The Secret Instructions, that they will take the fortunes of widows and other people who resist them. And that is what they did in Eugene Sue's The Wandering Jew. That story revolves around a French Protestant family, the Renneponts, and the Jesuits killing-off every member of the Rennepont family, so that they can have the fortune when it would be opened up at a certain day, at a certain time in Paris. And the man who held the fortune in trust was a Jew. So, that's why they got rid of Astor." Eric Jon Phelps interview
    • William Howitt.jpg Popular History of Priestcraft.jpg A Popular History of Priestcraft in All Ages and Nations, William Howitt (1792-1879)
  • 1847:
    • John Quincy Adams.jpg Lettersonthemasonic.jpg Letters on the Masonic Institution, John Quincy Adams (1767-1828)
      • See also: Anti-Masonic Party, History of Freemasonry, "Files about Freemasonry"
      • "That so many men, at so many separate points, should have acted in perfect concert in such business as they were engaged in, would scarcely be believed, without compelling the inference of some distinct understanding existing between them. That they should have carried into effect the most difficult part of their undertaking, a scheme of the most daring and criminal nature, in the midst of a large, intelligent and active population, without thereby incurring the risk of a full conviction of their guilt and the consequent punishment, would be equally incredible, but for the light furnished by the phraseology of the Masonic oath. Upon the first hasty and superficial glance, a feeling might arise of surprise that the frivolity of its unmeaning ceremonial, and ridiculous substitution of its fictions for the sacred history, should not long ago discredited the thing in the minds of good and sensible men everywhere. Yet upon closer and more attentive examination, this first feeling vanishes, and makes way for astonishment at the ingenious contrivance displayed in the construction of the whole machine. A more perfect agent for the devising and execution of conspiracies against the church or state could scarcely have been conceived." (p.8)
  • 1850:
    • Lorenzo Dow.jpg The Dealings.jpg The Dealings of God, Man, and the Devil ("As Exemplified in the Life, Experience, and Travels of Lorenzo Dow , in a Period of over Half a Century, Together with His Polemic and Miscellaneous Writings, Complete. To Which is Added The Vicissitudes of Life, By Peggy Dow - with an Introductory Essay by the Rev. John Dowling."), Lorenzo Dow (1777–1834)
      • "The Jesuits govern the Roman church, and turning the office of the pope, and the power of Icings to further their ambitious views, to gain ascendency and govern the world!" (p.147)
      • "For the Holy Alliance are bent to destroy Representative Government from the world ; and the order of Jesuits to have but one Religion, as exemplified in their late production in favor of the Inquisition recently published in Boston. And these two powers have entered into a conspiracy against the Liberties of mankind throughout the world, which has been brewing and ripening for execution for about seventeen years—and exhibits a reason why the Kings of England and France have disappointed the people and betrayed their trust, by leaning towards the principles of the Un-Holy-Alliance." (p.155)
      • "The whole world is divided into districts, which are lots, each agent having his field for research, and then communicate his information to Rome, according to the science of System of JESUITICAL economy" (p.155)

  • 1877:
    • James wylie.jpg (to find) The rise, progress, and insidious workings of Jesuitism, James Aitken Wylie (1808-1890)
      • "To what country of Europe shall we turn where we are not able to track the Jesuit by his bloody footprints? … How many assassins they sent to England to murder Elizabeth history attests. … Nor is it only the palaces of monarchs into which they have crept with their doctrines of murder and assassination; the very sanctuary of their own Popes they have defiled with blood. […] In the Gunpowder Plot we see them deliberately planning to destroy, at one blow, the nobility and gentry of England. To them we owe those civil wars which for so many years drenched with blood the fair provinces of France. They laid the train of that crowning horror, the St. Bartholomew massacre. Philip II and the Jesuits share between them the guilt of the Invincible Armada …. What a harvest of plots, tumults, seditions, revolutions, torturings, poisonings, assassinations, regicides and massacres, has Christendom reaped from the seed sown by the Jesuits!" [21]
    • Jewsofspain.jpg The Jews of Spain and Portugal and the Inquisition, Frederic David Mocatta (1828-1905)
    • Vaticanism.JPG Vaticanism unmasked : or, Romanism in the United States (1877) by Alden, Joseph Warren
    • Kingandpope1.JPG The pope, the kings and the people Vol I by Arthur, William, 1819-1901
    • Kingandpope2.JPG The pope, the kings and the people Vol II by Arthur, William, 1819-1901
    • A history of the movement to make the pope governor of the world by a universal reconstruction of society from the issue of the Syllabus to the close of the Vatican Council


  • 1924:
    • Nesta webster.jpg Secret societies and subversive movements.jpg Secret Societies and Subversive Movements [25], Nesta H. Webster (warning: she's likely a disinfo agent, since the book clearly promotes the anti-Semitic Vatican-Jesuit agenda, and at times even puts the Jesuit Order in a more positive light. See quotes below.)
      • See also: book review
      • "In all these questions it is necessary to seek a motive. I have no personal interest in defending the Jesuits, but I ask: what motive could the Jesuits have in forming or supporting a conspiracy directed against all thrones and altars? It has been answered me that the Jesuits at this period cared nothing for thrones and altars, but only for temporal power; yet--even accepting this unwarrantable hypothesis--how was this power to be exercised except through thrones and altars? Was it not through princes and the Church that the Jesuits had been able to bring their influence to bear on affairs of state? In an irreligious Republic, as events afterwards proved, the power of the whole clergy was bound to be destroyed. The truth is then, that, far from abetting the Illuminati, the Jesuits were their most formidable opponents, the only body of men sufficiently learned, astute, and well organized to outwit the schemes of Weishaupt. In suppressing the Jesuits it is possible that the Old Régime removed the only barrier capable of resisting the tide of revolution."
    • A Vanished Arcadia: being some account of the Jesuits in Paraguay 1607-1767, Cunninghame Graham, Robert Bontine (1852-1936)
  • 1935:
    • Rome stoops to conquer, Edward John Boyd Barrett (1883-?, ex?-Jesuit)
      • "In theory, Catholic Action is the work and service of lay Catholics in the cause of religion, under the guidance of the bishops. In practice it is the Catholic group fighting their way to control America.", p.15 [27]
      • "The effort, the fight, may be drawn out. It may last for five or ten years. Even if it last for twenty - what is twenty years in the life of Rome? The fight must be fought to a finish - opposition must be worn down if it cannot be swept away. Rome's immortal destiny hangs on the outcome. That destiny overshadows the land. And in the fight, as she has ever fought when battles were most desperate in the past, Rome will use steel, and gold, and silvery lies. Rome will stoop to conquer." - Id., pp. 266, 267.
    • Smedley butler.jpg Warisaracket.jpg War is a Racket, Smedley Darlington Butler (1881–1940)
    • Historyofrome.jpg A History of Rome Down to the Reign of Constantine, Max Cary, D.Litt. (note: there are multiple later editions)
  • 1945:
    • A History of Western Philosophy, Bertrand Russell (1872–1970)
      • "The Jesuits acquired prestige by their missionary zeal, especially in the Far East. They became popular as confessors, because (if Pascal is to be believed) they were more lenient, except towards heresy, than other ecclesiastics. They concentrated on education, and thus acquired a firm hold on the minds of the young." (p.524)
      • "The Church in the lifetime of Copernicus was more liberal than it became after the Council of Trent, the Jesuits, and the revived Inquisition had done their work." (p.526)


  • 2001:
    • Tupper saussy.jpg Rulersofevil.jpg Rulers Of Evil: Useful Knowledge about Governing Bodies, Tupper Saussy (1936-2007) (to research: the suspicious book support from known disinfo agents Maxwell and Eustice Mullins)
    • Hiddenfromhistory demo.jpg Hiddenfromhistory.gif Hidden from History: The Canadian Holocaust, Kevin Annett (1956), (wikipedia article)
      • See also: hiddenfromhistory.org, canadiangenocide.nativeweb.org, Unrepentant: Kevin Annett and Canada's Genocide (video), ArcticBeacon interview 2007-10-11 (audio), Canadian residential school system, Canadian Indian Tribes, "As Long as the Sun Shines and Water Flows"
      • "The Canadian residential school system consisted of a number of schools for Aboriginal children, operated during the 19th and 20th century by churches of various denominations (about sixty per cent by Roman Catholics, and thirty per cent by the the United Church of Canada (and its pre-1925 predecessors, Presbyterian, Congregationalist and Methodist churches) and the Anglican Church of Canada) and funded under the Indian Act by Indian and Northern Affairs Canada, a branch of the federal government." [43]
      • "The foundational purpose behind the more than one hundred Indian residential schools established in Canada by government legislation and administered by Protestant and Catholic churches was the deliberate and persistent eradication of aboriginal people and their culture, and the conversion of any surviving native people to Christianity. ... This genocidal intent was restated time and again in government legislation, church statements, and the correspondence and records of missionaries, Indian agents and residential school officials. (see Documentation section) It was, indeed, the very raison d’etre of the state-sanctioned Christian invasion of traditional native territories, and of the residential school system itself, which was established at the height of European expansionism, in the 1880’s, and persisted until 1984. By definition, this aim was genocidal, for it planned and carried out the destruction of a religious and ethnic group: all those aboriginal people who would not convert to Christianity and be culturally extinguished. ... As well, such “pagans” were the subject of government-funded sterilization programs administered at church-run hospitals and tuberculosis sanatoriums on Canada’s west coast." (p.12)
      • "A majority of the witnesses who have shared their story with the authors, and at public Tribunals on the west coast, have described either seeing a murder or discovering a body at the residential school he or she attended. The body count, even according to the government’s own figures, was enormously high. Where, then, are all these bodies? The deaths of thousands of students are not recorded in any of the school records, Indian Affairs files or other documentation submitted thus far in court cases or academic publications on the residential schools. Some 50,000 corpses have literally and officially gone missing. ... To have done this, the residential school system had to not only hide the evidence of murder but the bodies as well. The presence of secret gravesites of children killed at Catholic and Protestant schools in Sardis, Port Alberni, Kuper Island and Alert Bay has been attested to by numerous witnesses. These secret burial yards also contained the aborted fetuses and even small babies who were the offspring of priests and staff at the schools, according to the same witnesses." (p.20)
      • "APPENDIX VI: Evidence of ongoing crimes against aboriginal children in British Columbia, including institutionalized pedophilia ... Termed “institutionalized pedophilia” by BC Supreme Court Justice Douglas Hogarth in his 1995 sentencing of Alberni residential school sex criminal Arthur Plint, the system to provide native children for sexual and sadistic purposes to powerful figures did not end with the closing of the last BC Indian residential school in 1984. Rather, it has become more covert and shielded from scrutiny by its operation through Indian reserves under the auspices of particular aboriginal leaders who apparently enjoy special protection from the federal government and senior judges in BC." (p.91)
    • Underground History of American Education, John Taylor Gatto
    • Barry chamish.jpg Israel Betrayed, Barry Chamish

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  • David Wilcock (NewAge-Alien-Antisemitic agenda disinfo agent? interview with him)
    • books, video's
    • He claims the Rothschild's 'Illuminati' clique financed and orchestrated the French Revolution, Russian Revolution, without ever mentioning the Vatican-Jesuit-Masonic network crime facts. This is a big historical error, or more likely part of his disinfo agenda!
    • ProjectCamelot.org
      • See also: Camelot: "the castle and court associated with the legendary King Arthur". Note that the present view of this legend is mostly a post-Roman Britain corruption/hijacking of a part of ancient Celtic mythology. Is "Project Camelot" a Romanized spin on ancient Astrotheology?
      • In contrast to Michael Tsarion, he does sometimes discusses the Plasma cosmos and Entheogens (albeit very rarely). However he does not seem to fully acknowledge nor describe the historical facts of "Alien disinfo agenda". The "Alien disinfo agenda" secondary function (after its primary disinformation function) is as a cover for the advanced energy research. Neither will he acknowledge that last fact.
      • See also: [61]