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"I know thy works, and tribulation, and poverty, (but thou art rich) and I know the blasphemy of them which say they are Jews, and are not, but are the synagogue of Satan." - Revelation 2:9


Masonic Judaism (also called "Labor Zionism") is a Jesuit (and Knights of Malta) controlled masonic 'Jewish' network with a socialist-fascist ideology.


  • late 18th century: Haskalah - Jewish Enlightenment
  • Labor Zionism and Zionism
    • "For most people "Zion" is the name for Jerusalem as well as for the nation of Israel (Isis-Ra-El). More specifically "Sion" is the name given to a hill of Judea on which the city of Jerusalem is built. In reality, the name "Zion" refers to "Sion", meaning "Sun". Therefore the name "Zionism" is actually referring to the sun-cult, the Babylon cult, and f.i. relates to secret societies like the "Priore de Sion" or "Priory of Sion", which lost some of its secrecy because of the fact that the Rennes le Chateau mystery became so popular among certain circles. The Priory of Sion is a secret society created around the Merovingian bloodline (whose ancestors [it is claimed by some] can be traced back to the royals of Sumer, Troy and the Greek "Gods") and related to the Templars as well as the Illuminati." It's particularly because of the true meaning of "Zion", that Jerusalem's hill has been named that way. As for the sun-cult adepts, hills symbolize the way to get closer to their God, due to the fact that at the top of them one is closer to the sun, symbolizing their God. Hence "mount Sion" or "Sun mountain"." [5]
    • Rothschild's Israel project and WWII (Holocaust, diaspora, settlement offerings, Vatican support, etc.)
    • Israel / Jews
      • Who is a Jew?
        • "An invention called 'the Jewish people'":
          • "Israel's Declaration of Independence states that the Jewish people arose in the Land of Israel and was exiled from its homeland. Every Israeli schoolchild is taught that this happened during the period of Roman rule, in 70 CE. The nation remained loyal to its land, to which it began to return after two millennia of exile. Wrong, says the historian Shlomo Zand, in one of the most fascinating and challenging books published here in a long time. There never was a Jewish people, only a Jewish religion, and the exile also never happened - hence there was no return. Zand rejects most of the stories of national-identity formation in the Bible, including the exodus from Egypt and, most satisfactorily, the horrors of the conquest under Joshua. It's all fiction and myth that served as an excuse for the establishment of the State of Israel (Is-Ra-El), he asserts. ..."
      • Askanazi
    • Chabad-Lubavitch
    • Haganah - a Jewish paramilitary organization
  • 1917-1922: Bolshevik Revolution (or "Russian Revolution of 1917"), after which the Jesuits were readmitted into Russia in 1922:
    • "The October Revolution in Russia refers to a revolution that began with a coup d'etat traditionally dated to October 25, 1917. It was the second phase of the overall Russian Revolution of 1917, after the February Revolution of the same year. The October Revolution overthrew the Russian Provisional Government and gave the power to the Soviets dominated by Bolsheviks. It was followed by the Russian Civil War (1917–1922) and the creation of the Soviet Union in 1922. (wikipedia)
    • "Lenin converted the USSR to the Jesuit authored Gregorian Calendar in 1923. The Jesuits via the Cecils brought about the Bolshevik Revolution." (See also: Lord Cecil -> Fabian Socialists -> British Labor Party -> British SIS) [6]
    • Many Orthodox Catholics, who did not respect the Vatican's supremacy in Russia, were mass murdered by the Bolsheviks.
  • 1933: Reichskonkordat (See also: Concordat between Hitler and the Vatican)
  • ....: Concordat between Hitler and Stalin
    • research: Hitler attack on the Ukraine (enemy of the Vatican)
    • to research: "enlightened jews" and other catholic/Nazi opponents were mass murdered during the WWII.
  • todo: describe the 4 forms of Zionism among Jews
    • see the founders of Zionism: Theodor Herzl, Rothschild's, ...
    • to research: American Israel Public Affairs Committee - "AIPAC is called a 'public affairs Committee' to make it more palatable, but it is a Political action Committee capable of raising more money from around the world to support or defeat candidates than any other political structure." ([7])
    • to research: Anti-Defamation League
      • "With an annual budget of over $40 million, the ADL has 29 offices in the USA and 3 offices in other countries, with its headquarters located in New York City." Where does this money come from? What is it used for?
  • 1995 - Assassination of Yitzhak Rabin, the 5th Prime Minister of Israel.
    • Roni Kempler video
      • This video (and its history) shows various interesting things about the assassination operation:
        • The extra (unkown!) passenger of the limousine (at 7:17) is in direct contradiction with the official conclusion that Yitzhak Rabin entered an empty car.
        • Yitzhak tries to look back to see where the 'shot' came from (Apparently he's not hit at all by bullets).
        • The film is cut and a shot heard but not seen. Yitzhak Rabin emerges opposite the left passenger door.
        • It has only been broadcasted once in its entirety (very probably because the video shows serious editing mistakes by the plotters!)
        • Roni Kempler (who shot the video):
          • Video concentrates on Yigal Amir (who as supposed to take the blame, and he later got a mild prison sentence). Roni Kempler seems to know exactly where to stand and what to film.
          • He turns off the camera right after the fake-assassination setup (because this would show that Yitzhak Rabin has not really been shot yet!).
          • "In his sole television appearance the night his film was broadcast, Roni Kempler explained that he wasn't interested in making money. It was quickly discovered that Roni Kempler worked for the State Comptroller Office [8] and was a bodyguard in the Israeli army reserves."
        • Yigal Amir
          • Notice that two security officers strike up a conversation with Yigal Amir (at 4:20), and don't make him leave from this open area.
          • toresearch: the mafia deal with Yigal Amir (family wealth, prison context, etc.)
    • Also check the weak Wikipedia article on this subject: Assassination of Yitzhak Rabin) (Which again shows that Wikipedia's so called 'NPOV/factual' approach does not work for true conspiracies - the opinion of the mass opinion is seemingly always against the conspiracy. In that sense Wikipedia is strongly POV/non-neutral/non-factual!)

Different Kinds of Zionists

Labor Zionists

Pope's Masonic Jewish Labor Zionists: Shimon Peres Benjamin Netanyahu and Ehud Barak, 2010 [1]

This group really originated with leader Jacob Frank and were in league with the Jesuit Order’s Bavarian Illuminati. With the King of Poland serving as his sponsor, Frank was baptized into the Roman Catholic institution as were all of his Hebrew followers. Shortly after this time the Order imported the French Revolution from Bavaria into France, later giving way to the rise of Napoleon and his Consulate. On this three-man triumvirate were First Consul Napoleon himself, Second Consul Jesuit Abby Sieyes and Third Consul Roger Ducos. Napoleon was guided by Sieyes in all his campaigns, especially during his campaign in North Africa and in Palestine. For Napoleon, the Great Jesuit Avenger, on the advice of his Jesuit master sought to make Palestine “a homeland for the Jews.” Thus, Napoleon was really the first Masonic Labor Zionist leading the movement for Jews to repopulate their promised land for the benefit of the Jesuit Papacy yet to be restored in 1814. During the 19th century, after the Order had completely gained control of both the British Crown and Parliament, the Company’s socialist-communist British Fabian Socialists gave birth to the socialist-communist British Labor Party and hence to the socialist-communist Jewish Labor Party of the historic Masonic Jewish Labor Zionists. The leader of the Masonic Jewish Labor Zionists was Theodor Herzl, the Jew who led the fight to found a new Jewish State in historic Palestine after the Jesuit-concocted Dreyfus affair, it to be a rebirth of the historic nation of Israel. The real purpose for the establishment of a Jewish homeland was to revive the Knights Templars’ Latin Kingdom of Jerusalem (AD 1099-1291)—for the benefit of the pope, the pope overseen and captive to the Jesuit Superior General, the Grand Master of the New Knights Templars. These Masonic Jewish Labor Zionists rule Israel for the benefit of Rome, not for the benefit of the Lord’s beloved racial Hebrew/Jewish/Israelite people in Israel. The Labor Zionists are completely in the arms of the Jesuit Papacy and are in fact Jesuit Temporal Coadjutors. [9]

Revisionist Zionists

This group was led by Vladimir Jabotinsky (“the Lone Wolf”) , a Polish Hebrew patriot who genuinely sought to establish a Hebrew/Jewish nation for the benefit of the Jews living therein. He had the courage to attempt to save the Jews of Poland from their approaching fate at the hands of Jesuit coadjutors Hitler and Stalin, but was resisted by Masonic Jewish Labor Zionist David Ben-Gurion who insisted that millions of Polish Jews must perish if Israel was ever to be re-established. Hence “the Lone Wolf” was murdered in Hunter, New York, given the Order’s “poison cup” for his disobedience to the pope’s Labor Zionists. Jabo’s truly patriotic Irgun would be betrayed by the pope’s Labor Zionists and merged into Ben Gurion’s Haganah, later the Mossad created by the pope’s pro-Nazi American CIA and German BND in 1951. For daring to fight against the pope’s Masonic Jewish Labor Zionists, the Revisionist Zionists were terminated. See Ben Hecht’s Perfidy [10] for the entire, heart-breaking story. [11]

Orthodox Zionists

This group is led by the Talmudic Orthodox Zionists. They believe Israel has no right to exist save for the presence of their Messiah. Hence, they are unreservedly against the present state of Israel, and seek its destruction. It is for this reason we observe these Orthodox Zionists walking arm-in-arm with the Muslims calling for the destruction of Israel. The Orthodox Zionists do not believe their own Hebrew scriptures: for how can Messiah come to Jerusalem in power to deliver the city if there is not an earthly Jerusalem populated by Jews (Zechariah 14:1-4; Joel 3:18)? [12]

Christian Zionists

This group, led by men such as Billy Graham, John Hagee, Pat Robertson and a host of other “Christian ministers” defend both the pope’s CFR / Vatican-led government of Israel as well as the right of the Hebrew/Jewish/Israelites to live in their own land to the exclusion of all other races and nations. Your Editor, sorry to say, was once a Christian Zionist. These men are half-wrong and half-right: they back the wicked government of the pope’s “Revived Latin Kingdom of Jerusalem,” but help in every way possible for Jews to remain in their land. These heretics refuse to acknowledge Rome’s rule over Jerusalem to the detriment of the Jews bound by the glorious and everlasting Abrahamic Covenant. They will never face the fact that the pope’s government ruling Israel has murdered its own people, refused to end the Arab-Israeli agitation, has attacked the American Naval Vessel USS Liberty (on orders of Masonic Jesuit coadjutor Lyndon Johnson), and whose Mossad is the right arm of the pope’s CIA in the region. Many Protestants and Baptists are fighting the pope’s American-led 12th Crusade against the Muslims (the Shia Muslims) believing they are obeying the Word of God (OT and NT) defending the right of the Hebrews to live in their land. The fact is these Christian Zionists are creating worldwide anti-Jewish fury by refusing to address the wicked government of Israel ruled by the pope’s Masonic Jewish Labor Zionists for the benefit of that antichrist in Rome, Pope Benedict XVI. [13]


Propaganda & political funding

  • toresearch:
    • Anne-Frank diary lies (her father probably wrote that diary, and new parts were included)
    • to research: Holocaust research censorship
    • EU 'semitic' legislation lobby
      • ... links

Business holdings

Business sectors with a significant Zionist-adherer participation:

Masonic 'Jews'


  • Henry "Heinz" Kissinger
  • ...
  • Rahm Emmanual
    • "As reports come in of large-scale troop movements around the USA, a coup d’etat by the banking elite seems to be in progress in Washington. According to the New York Times, power has been transferred to the White House Military Office, which reports to the office of the White House chief of staff, Rahm Emmanual, a veteran of the Israeli army." [14]

  • Todo: Vatican court Jew
    • Jews that are put in predominant world position, in order to fuel the "it's the jews/the jews did it" conspiracies



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