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“Some of the biggest men in the United States, in the field of commerce and manufacture, are afraid of something. They know that there is a power somewhere so organized, so subtle, so watchful, so interlocked, so complete, so pervasive, that they better not speak above their breath when they speak in condemnation of it.” - Woodrow Wilson, "The New Freedom", 1913
"...the world is governed by very different personages from what is imagined by those who are not behind the scenes..." -Benjamin "The Marrano" Disraeli to the British House of Commons, 1852 [45]


  • Jose Manuel Barraso (EU Commission president)
    • Jesuit Georgetown University alumni, ...
    • "Masonic Influence in the EU" [46]:
      • "The French Federation of Le Droit Humain represented by its president, Michel Payen, met on April 8, 2008 with the president of the European Commission, José-Manuel Barroso, ... This meeting constitutes a major event regarding the place of Freemasonry in the construction of Europe; this place was underscored not only by the interest and attentiveness that President Barroso showed to the delegation and the time he accorded them, but also by the commitments he made to the values espoused by liberal and adogmatic Freemasonry, its positions and its opinions on subjects of concern. It was the first time that Freemasonry, as such, was able to express itself to such a high level European institution."
  • Richard Coudenhove-Kalergi
    • "All these are stooges of the powerful Coudenhove-Kalergi Foundation created in 1923 by Richard Coudenhove-Kalergi." [47]
    • See also: Founding fathers of the European Union, Richard Nikolaus Graf Coudenhove-Kalergi
    • "Here’s a easy history of the European Union. When did this begin? For centuries, many wanted an unified Europe. The French philsopher Montesquieu envisioned an unified Europe along with Victor Hugo in 1871. In 1922, Count Richard Coudenhove-Kalergi founded the Pan European Union. The Count is the godfather of the EU. The Pan European concept was easily embraced by the Habsburgs, the Vatican, and the Opus Dei. Otto von Habsburg loved the idea. The reasons was that these factors hope that this plan would create a firmer Roman Catholic religious hegemony in Europe. Kalergi was a Roman Catholic trained in Vienna at the Jesuits "Theresian Academy." Some say he joined a Masonic Lodge at Vienna. Richard Coudenhove-Kalergi is a son of an Austro-Hungarian diplomat (He also has Cretan and other European blood). What makes him interesting is that in 1926 he had the first Congress of the Pan European Union. They met in Vienna. Back in 1926, he planned to divide the world into 5 parts (which was the United States of Europe linking French colonial areas in Africa, a Pan American Union encompassing Norh and South Americas, the British Commonwealth having its grib across the world, a Pan Asian Union spreading into China, Japan, the Pacific, etc.). Is this similar to today’s unions? Yes it is. He predicted the European Union way before its time. Joseph Retinger was another founder of the European Union ideal. He was born in 1888 from a strict Roman Catholic family. He agreed with Jesuit General Ledochowski’s plan of a federated European continent. Retinger also help create the Bilderberg Group, which is a strong ally of the EU in the future (the Nazi Prince Bernard of the Netherlands was a founder of the Bilderbergers as well). In 1949, The Council of Europe was created being the first pan-European organization after WWII. By 1957, various groups were formed like the the European Economic Community (EEC). It was until 1992, that a treaty was created to institute the Modern EU. That treaty was called the Maastricht Treaty. the Maastricht Treaty created the European Union from the EEC. It was effective in November 1, 1993. The euro or the first European currency came about in 1999. On 03-17-2008 at EU Observer described a 7 page reported submitted to EU leaders at a summit in Brussels. This talk about energy problems. EU foreign policy chief Javier Solana and external relations commissioner Benita Ferrero-Waldner supported a policy paper calling for a build up of the European Union’s civil and military forces to handle so-called security risks (like "climate change"). The EU is gaining more power in Europe and that is way Russia is trying to be a counterweight politically against the EU (since the EU recently has tried to court Eastern European nations to join and these nations were once Soviet satellite states)." [48]
  • Herman Van Rompuy
    • "Paul (Paul de Grauwe) started out as a hard core liberal, who over time moved toward the centre, towards an idea of a humane market economy, an area where I have always dwelled. Welcome the club! Today, Mario Draghi (member of the Board of Directors of the Bank for International Settlements), Mario Monti (Knights of Malta) and myself are all three alumni from the Jesuits. Back to basics." - Speech by Herman Van Rompuy President of the European Council at the Conference in honour of Professor Paul de Grauwe [49]
    • "Tellingly, his homepage is mostly devoted to quotes and poems from his favourite writers rather than to politics. Nor does it contain many references to Europe. Although he has not dipped his toes in European or foreign affairs, opting instead for a national focus, Mr Van Rompuy says his Jesuit upbringing imbued him with a strong European identity. "When I was a student (at Jesuit school: St. John Berchmans College in Brussels [50]), the memory of the war was still fresh in everyone's minds. So our teachers organised exchanges with students from other European Jesuit colleges in Europe. That left a deep impression on me because I realised that we were all deep down so very similar," he told Le Vif magazine last year." [51]
    • [52][53][54][55][56]
  • Otto von Habsburg (see profile above)
  • Franjo Komarica
  • Vike-Freiberga Vaira
  • Aristide Briand
  • Lennart Meri
  • Alois Mock
  • Franz Werfel
  • Prince Carlo della Torre e Tasso
  • Prince Nikolaus Lichenstein
  • Thomas Mann
  • Franz-Josef Strauss
  • Ignaz Seipel
  • Rainer Maria Rilke
  • Don Juan Carlos
  • Stefan Zweig
  • Helmut Kohl
  • Rudolf Kirchschläger
  • Thomas Masaryk
  • Pompidou Reykjavik


  • Jacque Delors (jesuit trained, roman catholic)
  • Ruud Lubbers (jesuit trained, roman catholic)
  • Maxime Verhagen (jesuit trained, roman catholic)

United Kingdom

  • Aleister Crowley (1875–1947)
    • google links
    • images
    • a long-term acquaintance: "Typical of Crowley's efforts in this area was his recruitment of Major-General John Frederick Charles Fuller (1878-1966), the famed British military officer and strategist, as his Second-in-Command in the Order of the Silver Star (AA). Fuller invented the Blitzkrieg tactic, ignored by the British, but adopted by Hitler's army." - Excerpt from p.119, "Blood on the Altar".
  • Mark Thompson - Jesuit-trained BBC Director-General
    • "... a paid MI6 operative sent in to control the BBC to Blair and Bush's whim and to act when the times comes to scrap it all." [64]
  • Roger Jowell -
  • Tessa Jowell -
    • Tessa Jowell financial allegations
    • "Now the sweep goes wider and we examine Tessa Jowell's role in this, she being responsible for the last sell off of part of the BBC, her husband and she are very involved with Silvio Berlusconi who has coveted access to the British media markets for some time, Jowells husband is viewed as an exceptionally corrupt man and the word around the commons was that Jowell under Blairs orders was to facilitate the sale of the BBC to Berlusconi and Murdoch, Mill's, Jowells husband would skim off the top of the deal and the British taxpayer would be robbed of another part of what they own." [65]


  • Gerry Adams (1948) (President of Sinn Féin)
    • "Please remember that Gerry Adams is a Jesuit himself. Remember that the whole illusion of opposition is a creation of the Jesuits through their Knights of Malta in control of British Intelligence. Do not forget the British involved with the bombs and bombings. Now they have the new super terrorist Al-CIA-dah they no longer need the IRA. Didn't you ever make that connection to the IRA death? Whats funny is that the bombings claimed as IRA were far worse than al-CIA-dah and almost every damn week. Lets not forget folks how Gerry Adams is a puppet front controller of a secret society known as the Ancient Order of Hibernians which is linked to the LUCIFERIAN green color. This order is also known as the Green Ribbon Lodge. All Jesuit controlled consisting of only Catholics." [66]
    • "Martin Ingram (pseudonym), a British agent admitted infiltration of the IRA and said that over 70% of their bombings were commanded by British Intelligence. We confronted Gerry Adams to get the info from the 'horse's mouth'. There has been vast amounts of evidence uncovered that show U.S and British controlled terrorist groups through out the world that serve a purpose to the controllers. In Iraq British agents were caught dressed as Iraqis carrying out terrorism, they were dramatically broken out of jail. In Iraqi they have found sophisticated bombs matching those used by the IRA aka British Intelligence bombs. To misdirect a group all you need do is corrupt a few leaders. Has the 2nd and more destructive IRA (provisional IRA) proven to be 100% infiltrated by British Intelligence? Yes. Here is a handful of well known examples: Denis Donaldson, one of the most senior figures in Sinn Fein entrusted by Gerry Adams. "On 16 December 2005, senior Sinn Féin member Denis Donaldson appeared before TV cameras in Dublin and confessed to being a British spy for twenty years." Sean O'Callaghan was a member of Sinn Fein's ruling council who was debriefed by MI5 and also worked for the Irish police. A more recent example would be from Feb 2008, Roy McShane, a former IRA man on the payroll of MI5. Announced by an embarrassed Sinn Fein."
    • "Gerry Adams former driver in hiding after he is unveiled as British spy"


  • Napoleone di Buonaparte (1769–1821)
    • Napoleon—a Freemason. He was given the order by the Jesuits to take the Pope captive. In the Reformation, the Papacy had been called out as the Antichrist. In order to divert suspicion away from the Papacy as this power, it was publicly destroyed for a period in history. [67]
    • Todo: describe his Jesuit crusades against those that had expelled the Jesuits by sending general bertiaux? to Vatican and take down the popery and instal it in Rennes?Angouleme?, and against the Military Order of Malta.

  • Napoleon III (1808 – 1873)
    • Emperor of France, 1852-71. Son of Louis Bonaparte, q.v., .... He sent Archduke Maximilian, q.v., to Mexico and dreamed of establishing a Catholic and French empire in America, but his plans were frustrated by Juarez, q.v., the Mexican people, and the U.S. Bismarck involved him in the Franco-Prussian War and he was deposed by the national assembly in 1871; he retired with family to England, where he died. He was a member of the Ancient and Accepted Scottish Rite of France" [68]

  • Nicolas Sarkozy - (1955) President of France
    • "Pál Sárközy (N. Sarkozy's father) was born in 1928 in Budapest into a family belonging to the lower nobility of Hungary"
      • "Pál Sárközy's mother, Katalin Tóth de Csáford (Hungarian: csáfordi Tóth Katalin), grandmother of Nicolas Sarkozy, was from a Catholic aristocratic family."
    • "Andrée Mallah (N. Sarkozy's mother and daughter of Benedict Mallah) for whom religion had reportedly never been a central issue, converted to Catholicism upon marrying Adèle Bouvier, which had been requested by Adèle's parents, and changed his name to Benedict."
    • "His grandfather, a Sephardi Jew by birth, was a convert to Catholicism, and Sarkozy was, accordingly, raised in the Catholic faith of his household. Nicolas Sarkozy, like his brothers, is a baptised and professing Catholic.
    • "His family sent Nicolas Sarkozy to the Cours Saint-Louis de Monceau, a private Catholic middle and high school"
    • Sarkozy also said recently that one of his role models was former pope John Paul II."
    • Cécilia Sarkozy - (1957), ex-wife of Nicolas Sarkozy
      • "studying for 13 years in a French religious institution, Sœurs de Lübeck. She studied law in Assas."
      • "Cécilia has three older brothers. Patrick is a French and US citizen and NASA financial employee. Christian is a consultant (Framatome, AXA, Lagardère, Crédit Foncier, Accor, Aurel Conseil...). Ivan Antoine is sales director of movistar Peru, commercial advisor and president of the Franco-Peruvian Chamber ofCommerce."
      • "due to her husband's election as President of the French Republic, she will become the princess of Andorra"
    • In a (media?) relationship with high-society woman Carla Bruni
    • Articles:

  • Nicolas Hulot
    • Nicolas Hulot has been criticised by some commentators, like Le Canard Enchaîné and supporters of uneconomic growth (zero growth policy) and political ecology who have criticised his use of the media and acceptance of funds from large firms, like EDF, L'Oréal and Rhône-Poulenc. (Wikipedia)


Monte Carlo P2 lodge ("Propaganda Due") members:

  • Giorgio Hugo Balestrieri - currently head of the New York Rotary Club
    • President of the AFCEA Founders Chapter
    • Chairman E-POL USA and E-POL Group, Inc.
    • "A former Navy Officer, graduate of the Italian Navy Commanding School and of the Accademia Navale di Livorno - Universita' di Pisa: "Dottore in Scienze Marittime e Navali" Difesa e Sicurezza (Defense/Security Sciences) has been a Team Partner of Security Management International until the retirement of its President Arthur W. "Mick" Donahue. Commander Balestrieri has over 38 years experience: Sixteen years experience in NATO and National operations, including Captain of a Combat Ship and as the Operational Consultant for the Navy R&D Institute; twenty-two years in the strategic planning, evaluation and implementation of advanced technologies in complex cross‑border security systems, integrating Nuclear-Bio‑Chemical, Explosives and Narcotics sensors deployed for non-invasive inspections." [69]
    • google-links
    • "illegal arms trade in the port of Livorno in the 70's" [70]
    • "ATTIVO 907"

Related to P2:

  • Francesco Di Carlo (Alleged P2-commanded killer of the Vatican banker Roberto Calvi)

Sicilian mafia:


San Marino

  • "San Marino is a totally independent country, and a landlocked territory right near Rimini/Italy - Adriatic Sea. San Marino is not an EU member but is allowed to use the EURO. The Russian mobsters try to anchor into San Marino with gambling operations." ... "The middle of the Adriatic Sea are international waters. The mobsters are meeting out there with their interlocutors from the mainland and it is very easy for them to slip in and out." [72]
  • toresearch:
    • "Gran Loggia della Repubblica di San Marino" [73]
    • "Grande Oriente di San Marino" [74]



  • Karl Marx (1818–1883)
    • "Brief newspaper reports show that in the 1880's Court True Freedom, a Newcastle 'lodge' for the Independent Order of Free Thinkers, initiated new members and had ceremonies and markers for ranks and degrees. [27] This ties in with the fact that well-known English Free thinker Charles Bradlaugh remained a Freemason all his life, having been initiated into the same lodge of which Karl Marx was a member." [75]

  • Albert Kahn - (1869-1942) "father of modern factory design". One of the foremost American industrial architects of his day, and instrumental to the Jesuit/Illuminati/US-led takeover of the broken Russian industry.
    • "he designed some 1,000 buildings for Henry Ford (including the vast Willow Run bomber plant), 127 major plants for General Motors, in four decades planned two billion dollars worth of industrial building. Russia gave his engineers charge of the first Five Year Plan's heavy industrial building program; they built 521 factories in two years." [76]
    • "Just so, last week, the Supreme Economic Council of Soviet Russia, represented by Amtorg Trading Corp. in Manhattan, signed contracts to retain, the Detroit architectural firm of Albert Kahn, Inc., as consulting architects for two years of Russia's famed five-year industrialization program which calls for the expenditure, in 1930, of $1,900,000,000." ... "he sailed for Europe last week, to visit, not Russia, but "a nice warm place" to stay a few weeks. In Europe he will visit cathedrals, sketch, have a holiday, come home." [77]
  • to research: Nazism & Vatican Jesuit networks
    • See also: Reichskonkordat (continuously being reduced in critical facts by the CIA/Vatican), more Catholic Nazi's pictures
      • "Vatican Concordat With Hitler Still Not Rescinded":
        • "Why hasn’t the Holy Hellish See excommunicated the bloody killer since he’s admitted to being a Roman Catholic and why hasn’t the Vatican ever rescinded the concordat? The researchers at Concordat Watch tried to answer this question since the Pope remains stone cold silent on this issue? “Germany retains its concordat with Hitler, even though Italy has got rid of the Mussolini concordat, Spain has replaced the Franco concordat and Portugual has scrapped the concordat made with Salazar. “After 1945 the national government of Germany handed over many of its powers to the individual states. It keeps the 1933 concordat, (which it has lost the competence to renew), but leaves it to the states to renegotiate directly with the Vatican in areas (like education) which they control. This allows the Vatican to push for the maximal concessions obtainable in each region of the country. Hence the web of German concordats today “In fact, the German Foreign Ministry not only proudly enumerates the concordats currently in force, but has even posted a list of German cardinals. In a display of what has been called “the overwhelming sense of collective German papacy”, Chancellor Schröder called the election of Cardinal Ratzinger “a great honour for Germany” and a newspaper announced: “Our Joseph Ratzinger is Benedict XVI : WE ARE POPE!”."
  • Adolf Hitler - (UK?) Trained agent for helping the British/Vatican/Jesuit/Labor Zionist/Aristocrat/fascist agenda
    • Hitler himself stated, "I learned much from the Order of the Jesuits. Until now, there has never been anything more grandiose, on the earth, than the hierarchical organization of the Catholic church. I transferred much of this organization into my own party." Walter Schellenberg, former chief of Nazi counter-espionage made this statement: "The S.S. organization had been constituted by Himmler according to the principles of the Jesuit Order. Their regulations and the Spiritual Exercises prescribed by Ignatius of Loyola were the model Himmler tried to copy exactly. Himmler's title as supreme chief of the S.S. was to be the equivalent of the Jesuits' 'General' and the whole structure was a close imitation of the Catholic Church's hierarchical order." Franz von Papen, another powerful Nazi, who was instrumental in setting up the concordat between Germany and the Vatican had this to say: "The Third Reich is the first world power which not only acknowledges but also puts into practice the high principles of the papacy." If you are not aware of what a concordat is, a concordat is an agreement between the Vatican and a government. As far as the Vatican is concerned, that government that signed the concordat has now become a part of the government of God, and the Vatican fully intends to stabilize that government, give it divine protection, and give it international protection. [78]
    • See also: Adolf Hitler's religious beliefs
  • To research: Claus Schmidt" ?? Bavarian police chief, Interpol connections




  • Jaap de Hoop Scheffer - 1948, NATO chief
    • Quotes from his NATO profile page:
      • "Jakob Gijsbert de Hoop Scheffer was born in Amsterdam in 1948, the son of a Catholic mother and a father who converted to Catholicism and was General Secretary of the Stockbrokers' Association. As a law student at the University of Leiden, he picked international relations as an optional course and organised student debates on the subject. His thesis concerned the US military presence in Europe after the Second World War. These issues captivated him more than the protest movements of the 1960s and 1970s, which seem to have pretty much passed him by."
      • "Before moving to Brussels last December, De Hoop Scheffer was a Eucharistic minister in the Paschalis Baylon parish in The Hague. He assisted the priest, did the readings, said prayers and distributed the host."
      • "According to De Hoop Scheffer: There was a lot of talking about foreign policy. It was the time of the cruise missiles. I favoured the deployment. D66 did not. A couple of years later, De Hoop Scheffer switched to the Christian Democrats. In the meantime, in response to the birth of his two daughters, Caroline and Stephanie, he had become a practising Catholic. "I wanted my daughters to have a religion. I wanted to give them something spiritual," he says."
    • He has attended Bilderberg meetings (2003).


  • todo




Bosnia and Herzegovina

  • Ante Pavelić (1889–1959, born in Austria-Hungary), was the leader ("Poglavnik") and founding member of the Croatian national socialist/fascist Ustaše movement in the 1930s and later the leader of the Independent State of Croatia, a puppet state of Nazi Germany during World War II.

Czech Republic



  • Francisco Franco
    • Spanish general, dictator and the leader of the Nationalist military rebellion in the Spanish Civil War, and totalitarian head of state of Spain, from October 1936 (as a unified nation from 1939 onwards) until his death in November 1975.

  • Javier Solana
    • Francisco Javier Solana de Madariaga, is the High Representative for the Common Foreign and Security Policy (CFSP) and the Secretary-General of both the Council of the European Union (EU) and the Western European Union (WEU). He was named Secretary General of the 10 permanent member Western European Union in November 1999
    • He is a frequent speaker at the prestigious U.S. based Council on Foreign Relations (CFR). He is likewise active in the Foreign Policy Association (FPA) as well as the New York City based East West Institute.He is a Knight of the Order of St Michael and St George, a member of the Spanish section of the Club of Rome.[79]
    • Solana studied at the El Pilar College, an exclusive Catholic secondary school, before going to Complutense University (UCM).
    • He has attended Bilderberg meeting


  • Alexander Lukashenko (1954)
    • "Lukashenka meets with grand master of Knights of Malta"
      • "Belarus President Alexander Lukashenko speaks to reporters after a meeting with the Knights of Malta at their headquarters in Rome April 28, 2009. Lukashenko, long shunned by the West, on Monday met Pope Benedict on a trip to Italy that ends more than a decade of diplomatic isolation."

North America

United States

  • A list of 'all' (official!) 25 meetings between popes and U.S. presidents, spanning 89 years, five pontiffs and 11 American leaders. [80]
    • Woodrow Wilson and Pope Benedict XV, Vatican, Jan. 4, 1919
    • Dwight Eisenhower and Pope John XXIII, Vatican, Dec. 6, 1959
    • John F. Kennedy and Pope Paul VI, Vatican, July 2, 1963
    • Lyndon Johnson and Pope Paul VI, New York, N.Y., Oct. 4, 1965
    • Lyndon Johnson and Pope Paul VI, Vatican, Dec. 23, 1967
    • Richard Nixon and Pope Paul VI, Vatican, March 2, 1969
    • Richard Nixon and Pope Paul VI, Vatican, Sept. 29, 1970
    • Gerald Ford and Pope Paul VI, Vatican, June 3, 1975
    • Jimmy Carter and Pope John Paul II, White House, Oct. 6, 1979
    • Jimmy Carter and Pope John Paul II, Vatican, June 21, 1980
    • Ronald Reagan and Pope John Paul II, Vatican, June 7, 1982
    • Ronald Reagan and Pope John Paul II, Fairbanks, Alaska, May 2, 1984
    • Ronald Reagan and Pope John Paul II, Vatican, June 6, 1987
    • Ronald Reagan and Pope John Paul II, Miami, Sept. 10, 1987
    • George H.W. Bush and Pope John Paul II, Vatican, May 27, 1989
    • George H.W. Bush and Pope John Paul II, Vatican, Nov. 8, 1991
    • Bill Clinton and Pope John Paul II, Denver, Aug. 12, 1993
    • Bill Clinton and Pope John Paul II, Vatican, June 2, 1994
    • Bill Clinton and Pope John Paul II, Newark, N.J., Oct. 4, 1995
    • Bill Clinton and Pope John Paul II, St. Louis, Jan. 26, 1999
    • George W. Bush and Pope John Paul II, Castel Gandolfo, Italy, July 23, 2001
    • George W. Bush and Pope John Paul II, Vatican, May 28, 2002
    • George W. Bush and Pope John Paul II, Vatican, June 4, 2004
    • George W. Bush and Pope Benedict XVI, Vatican, June 9, 2007
    • George W. Bush and Pope Benedict XVI, White House, April 16, 2008
    • George W. Bush and Pope Benedict XVI, Vatican, July 13, 2008 (images: [81], [82])
  • To research: "From left to right are former Secretary of Defense Harold Brown, former Secretary of State Lawrence Eagleburger, former Secretary of State James Baker, former Secretary of State Colin Powell, former Secretary of Defense James Schlesinger, Secretary of Defense Donald Rumsfeld, Vice President Dick Cheney, Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice, former Secretary of State George Schultz, former Secretary of Defense Melvin Laird, former Secretary of Defense Robert McNamara, former Secretary of State Madeleine Albright, former Secretary of State Alexander Haig, former Secretary of Defense Frank Carlucci, former Secretary of Defense William Perry and former Secretary of Defense William Cohen."
File:Whitehouse crew.jpg

A list of Freemason US presidents and the lodge they were initiated into Frremasonry

  • Edward M. House (1858–1938) a US diplomat who totally controlled Woodrow Wilson.
    • Edward House was a Jesuit carrying out their every desire. He used Wilson as a puppet to create the League of Nations for the Jesuits. Wilson was nothing more than Rome’s tool to do their bidding." [84]. On May 30, 1919 House participated in a meeting in Paris, which laid the groundwork for establishment of the Council on Foreign Relations [85]
  • Edmund A. Walsh - (1885-1956) Jesuit priest who among (other treasonous crimes) censored the german-english translation process at the Nuremberg Trials, to get rid it of references to the Vatican support for the Nazi regime.
    • "was an American Jesuit Catholic priest, professor of geopolitics and founder of the Georgetown University School of Foreign Service, which he founded in 1919–six years before the U.S. Foreign Service itself existed–and served as its first dean."
    • "He directed the Papal Famine Relief Mission to Russia in 1922, worked on behalf of the Vatican to resolve long-standing issues between Church and State in Mexico in 1929, negotiated with the Iraqi government to establish an American College in Baghdad in 1931, and served as Consultant to the U.S. Chief of Counsel at the Nuremberg Trials.
  • Paul Marcinkus - (1922—2006) was an American prelate of the Roman Catholic Church. He is best known for his controversial term as President of the Vatican Bank between 1971 and 1989.
  • John McLaughlin (1927), Knight of Malta, Richard Nixon speech writer, intimate friend of Pat Buchanan. programme host of The McLaughlin Group (co-found with Pat Buchanan)
    • Richard Nixon. According to Avro Manhattan's book The Vatican Billions (Chino, CA: Chick Publications, 1983): 227, "One of Nixon's main speech writers during three whole years was a Jesuit father, the Rev. John McLaughlin, who wrote the Nixon speeches at a salary of $32,000 a year." [90]
  • Madeleine Albright - (born in Czechoslovakia as "Marie Jana Korbelová", 1937-) US Secretary of State (1997-2001) studied at the Jesuit Georgetown University.
    • "After his career in the Czechoslovak diplomatic service, Albright’s father, Josef Korbel, taught at a Jesuit university, the University of Denver, where he founded the university Graduate School of International Studies — and counted among his students a one-time music major and aspiring concert pianist named Condoleezza Rice. Madeleine Albright teaches at a Jesuit university, as well." ([92])
    • "It’s a hard choice, but I think, we, think, it’s worth it." - Her response to a May 11, 1996 60 Minutes question about the over half a million children killed by the UN imposed Iraq sanctions.
    • to research: Jesuit Kosovo massacre involvement
  • Janet Reno
    • Lesbian in the closet?
    • Waco massacre scandal
    • Patriot movement destruction?
  • Robert Byrd (US senator)
    • related to mind-control and child-abuse projects? [93]
  • Averell Harriman - (1891–1986) politician, businessman and diplomat. He was the son of railroad baron E. H. Harriman
    • "Prescot Bush had close connections to both the Soviet Union and Nazi Germany. He became vice president of W.A. Harriman Company and director of Union Banking Company of Manhatten, New York. W.A. Harriman and Company had ties to the Soviet Union’s Georgian Manganese Concession in the 1920s. From its home base in Berlin, Harriman and George Herbert Walker gave loans to the Soviet Union which was rebuilding its oil fields that had been devastated during World War I." [94]
  • George W. Bush (President of USA)
    • First US president ever to visit the Pope in the Vatican!
    • See also these photo's of the Red Mass 2005.
    • "Bush, big White House crowd to greet pope on his birthday":
      • "President Bush has quite a birthday present for Pope Benedict XVI: at least 9,000 excited guests gathered on the White House's South Lawn for a 21-gun salute, a famed soprano's rendition of "The Lord's Prayer" and an emotional presidential welcome." ... "He'll spend most of the day at the White House, only the second pope to do so and the first in 29 years." ... "Nurturing the U.S. flock is a sensitive and important mission for Benedict at a time not just of ongoing scandal but also of his campaign to tamp down secularism and re-ignite faith." ... "This get-together by Bush and Benedict is the 25th meeting between a Roman Catholic pope and a U.S. president, sessions that span 89 years, five pontiffs and 11 American leaders." ... "And the pontiff told reporters on his plane that he planned to bring up immigration policy with Bush during their private Oval Office meeting. Benedict has talked forcefully in the past about the damage caused by punitive immigration laws." ... "Benedict chose to talk on the (sex scandal) topic on his flight to the United States. Answering questions submitted to and selected by Vatican officials in advance, Benedict said he was "deeply ashamed" by the scandal and "will do everything possible to heal this wound." ... "Bush has courted the Catholic vote, about a quarter of the U.S. electorate, since his first presidential campaign, with some success." ... "The president kicked off the unprecedented series of events by motoring to Andrews Air Force Base just outside Washington on Tuesday to meet Benedict's plane, something he's never done for any leader." ... "Wednesday's South Lawn audience for the pope's arrival, filled out by members of the Knights of Columbus and Boy Scouts and Girl Scouts, is expected to be the largest of Bush's presidency and among the largest ever at the White House. So many people have been invited, in fact, that many will only be able to see Bush and Benedict on a large television screen." ... "Soprano Kathleen Battle has been enlisted to sing "The Lord's Prayer" — a decision the White House defended as appropriate despite the overt insertion of religion into a public event. "I think we've struck the right balance," Perino said."
  • Carl Lindar (Bush Crime Family "The Ohio Connection"--Kingpin-Money Launderer)
  • John Foster Dulles - (1888-1959) active Nazi regime collaborator, later involved with the CIA assassination of JFK.
    • "After several years of government service (often working directly for Averell Harriman in the North Atlantic Alliance), General Draper was appointed in 1958 chairman of a committee which was to advise President Dwight Eisenhower on the proper course for U.S. military aid to other countries. At that time, Prescott Bush was a U.S. Senator from Connecticut, a confidential friend and golf partner with National Security Director Gordon Gray, and an important golf partner with Dwight Eisenhower as well. Prescott's old lawyer from the Nazi days, John Foster Dulles, was Secretary of State, and his brother Allen Dulles, formerly of the Schroder bank, was head of the CIA." [95]
    • grave info
  • Karl Rove
    • "known as Miss Piggy in the Washington D.C. gay-bar circles." [99]
  • Ron Paul - controlled opposition politician (and a fake patriot - by which they can measure the US patriot movement)
    • video: "Ron Paul: Freemasonic Connections"
    • THE_UNHIVED_MIND: Ron Paul exposed thread
    • "Ron Paul and Freemasonry":
      • "This does not prove anything in that regard, however it makes the probability that he is a Freemason very much higher since Eastern Star members are generally married to Freemason husbands, Rainbow girls are generally children of masons and because Ron Paul’s father was also a mason. And in addition, according to the comment, he “respects the organization”, which is wholly uncharacteristic of anyone who is supposedly fighting against the masonically-inspired New World Order. Ron Paul is also an unofficial member of the John Birch Society, which was founded by masons, funded by Nelson Rockefeller and run by Jesuit-trained Knights of Malta. In other words, the JBS is a gatekeeper organization, designed to control the opposition and make sure nothing substantial is ever done to impede the New World Order system which just keeps on rolling over humanity. How about the Jahbulon Bullshit Society for a new name?"
      • "Here is the comment in full rebutting an anti-masonic posting: Ron Paul and Freemasonry: On April 20th, 2008 the oak says:Liberty Oak Ranch. Quit using Ron Paul as a forum for your bigotted beliefs. You don’t know anything about him or his ideals obviously. You also know nothing about the Freemason or Eastern Star organizations. 1. Ron Paul’s father was a Freemason and Dr. Paul has said himself many times that he respects the organization and has been to many of the open meetings in his district. I should know, I was his scheduler for ten years. 2. His wife, Carol is a member of the Velasco Order of the Eastern Star and maintains her membership in the Freeport area lodge. 3. Their daughters, Lori and Joy, were both Rainbow girls, another organization associated with Freemasonry. Your hatefilled retoric regarding a benevolent, Biblically based organization is likened to those who have a fear of the unknown. It spawns lies and hate toward those who are innocent and have done good for others. Just try taking your child to the Shriner’s burn or crippled childrens hospital. They will take care of your child regardless of your ignorance and will do it free of charge. How many people has your paranoia helped?" Source: [100]
      • "Unfortunately, the link now says “access denied” for whatever reason. Maybe you can explain to me why the link no longer works. If anyone knows the actual identity of this “scheduler” with the handle of “Liberty Oak Ranch”, please share it here with us to help confirm the validity of the comment. I looked up the Eastern Star chapter being referred to if anyone wants to try and research this further: Velasco Chapter No. 220 (District 4). Then, one might assume that Ron Paul frequently goes (as the scheduler claims) to meetings at a masonic lodge in the same area, so I found this lodge listed with the Grand Lodge of Texas website which it would seem a very likely candidate of one of those he attends: Velasco Masonic Lodge #757. As I gather more information on what I am 90% sure is a fact, that Ron Paul is a high Freemason of the 33rd degree or above, who knows the masonic agenda and yet keeps it all a secret from his supporters (as Dick Cheney kept his CFR membership a secret from his constituents in Wyoming), I will immediately pass it on to you the public who have a right to know the truth. - PW
      • PS: Keep an eye on this post as I believe I will be updating it with new information over the next few weeks and months. If you have something definitive regarding Ron Paul’s membership in any secret society, please post a comment with specifics."
  • Zbigniew Brzezinski - (1928-)
    • "is a Polish-American political scientist, geo-strategist, and statesman. He served as United States National Security Advisor to President Jimmy Carter from 1977 to 1981. He was known for his hawkish foreign policy at a time when the Democratic Party was increasingly dovish. He is a foreign policy realist, and considered to be the Democrats' response to Henry Kissinger, also a realist, who served under President Nixon."
    • Profile
      • Member: Knights of Malta
      • Member: Bilderberg Group
      • Member: Council On Foreign Relations
      • Member: Trilaterial Commission
      • Advisor: Jesuit Georgetown University
      • Polish Roman Catholic Socialist-Communist
      • Professor: Columbia University, New York
      • Recruiter of Barry Soetoro, 1981, Creator of “Barack Hussein Obama”
  • Bill Clinton ("William Jefferson Blythe III") (1946)
    • Belonged to DeMolay International
    • Yale student
    • He attended the Bilderberg meeting in 1991 in Badenburg? [101]
    • Arkansas governor / puppet US President
    • Mina Arkansas drugs scandal
    • research his mind-control
    • Belinda Stronach - Canadian businessperson, philanthropist, politician. 5 year love affair with Bill Clinton.
      • "Bill Clinton has given Stronach power of attorney over secret Swiss and [102] accounts tied to w:Daimler Chrysler stock and the worldwide Bush Clinton Narcotics and Money Laundry machine." [103]
  • Dianne Feinstein - former Dem. Senator
    • Senator Feinstein's War Profiteering: "Democratic Senator Dianne Feinstein of California silently resigned from her post on the Military Construction Appropriations subcommittee (MILCON) late last week as her ethical limbo with war contracts began to surface in the media"
  • Christine Todd Whitman - (1946-), "After graduating, she worked on Nelson Rockefeller's presidential campaign."
    • "a descendant of two powerful New Jersey political families, the Todds ([105]) and the Schleys, and related by marriage to the equally formidable political power of the New York Whitman clan. She is married to John R. Whitman (red: who was a member of Wolf's Head), a prominent private equity investor".
    • Whitman Strategy Group - "a consulting firm that specializes in government relations and environmental and energy issues"
  • Barack Obama (1961, "Barack Hussein Obama II")
    • “Ex-Jesuit” Greg Galluzzo: Chicago Mentor of Jesuit Coadjutor Barry Davis Obama [106]
    • Wahabi Islam, United Church of Christ, ...
    • "OBAMA: Surrounded by SKULLS, BONES and Globalist War Mongers!"
    • "Obama’s National Security Group Teeming With Globalists"
    • CFR connection through his wife Michelle Obama?
    • Schools: A graduate of Columbia University and Harvard Law School, Wahabi school in Jakarta.
    • "Who is Barack Hussein Obama? His biography is easy to research and anyone can do it. In my research I have discovered the following: He was born in Hawaii to Barack Hussein Obama, Sr., a black Muslim from Nyangoma-Kogel, Kenya; and Ann Dunham, a white atheist from Wichita, Kansas. When the junior Obama was two years old, his parents divorced, and his father returned to Kenya. His mother then married Lolo Soetoro, who was a radical Muslim from Indonesia. At age six, Barack H. Obama, Jr., moved to Indonesia with his mother and step-father, where he attended a Muslim school but also spent two years in a Catholic school. Obama sometimes conceals his Muslim roots by emphasizing that he attended a Catholic school. Obama's step-father is the one who introduced him to Islam, and he enrolled young Barack in a Wahabi school in Jakarta. Here let it be noted that Wahabism is a Radical teaching embraced by Muslim terrorists waging their holy war against the United States. Barack Obama's membership in the United Church of Christ is nothing more than a ruse." [107]
    • "Convicted Iraqi Billionaire Gave Obama Millions"
    • "Obama’s Money Cartel: How he’s fronted for the most vicious firms on Wall Street"
    • "Group That Funds Terrorism Gives Obama Money":
      • "The head of a radical group that funds and supports Islamic terrorists as well as an America-bashing South American socialist leader has bundled more than $50,000 for Barack Obama’s presidential campaign. Jodie Evans, co-founder of the anti-war group Code Pink, is a huge Obama supporter who has personally given his campaign the federal limit ($2,300) and continues to collect big bucks—$50,000 and counting—from friends and associates in an effort to help the Illinois senator, a favorite among Latin American socialist leaders, move into the White House. Code Pink bills itself as a grassroots, women’s peace and social justice movement working to end the war in Iraq. Members say they reject the Bush Administration’s fear-based politics that justify violence, instead calling for policies based on compassion and kindness. That evidently includes compassion and kindness towards Islamic terrorists who murder Americans. The group actually gave $600,000 to help Iraqi terrorist in Fallujah fight U.S. military forces and its “counter-recruitment” campaign has harassed, vandalized and impeded U.S. military recruiters across the nation. Code Pink leaders also support and hang out with Latin American dictators such as Cuba’s Fidel Castro and Venezuela’s America-bashing socialist leader, Hugo Chavez. Obama is already highly popular among that group and has received official endorsements from the ailing Castro and another renowned communist, Nicaragua’s Daniel Ortega, who assures Obama is the spokesman for millions of Central American and Mexican citizens who migrate to the U.S."

To research:

  • General Richard Stilwell
  • Konrad Adenauer
  • Giulio Andreotti
  • Federico Silva Munoz
  • General Vernon Walters
  • William E. Colby
  • William Westmoreland
  • Frank C Carlucci
  • Stanley S Bass
  • Nelson Mandela
  • Louis Bloomfield
  • Rick Santorum
  • Phyllis Schaffly
  • Herman Schmidt
  • Franz von Papen
  • Juan Carlos
  • George Tenet
  • John J. DeGioia
  • Oliver North
  • Craig J Neumann de Paulo
  • Joseph Hagan
  • Fra James V Stroebel
  • Ted Kennedy
  • Jeane Kirkpatrick
  • Alexander Haig Jr
  • Patrick Messina
  • Joseph E. Schmitz
  • Karen Garver
  • Thomas Monaghan
  • Bowie Kuhn
  • Jeremiah Denton
  • Alan Keye
  • Paul Henkels
  • Richard Campbell
  • Geoffrey T Boisi
  • Bernard Jensen
  • Fred Monroe Zeder II
  • James Jesus Angleton
  • Nicholas Donnell Ward
  • Charles Clement Lucas, Jr.
  • Leonard T. Scully.
  • Benito Amilcare Andrea Mussolini
  • Roger Peyrefitte
  • Ludovico Chigi della Rovere Albani
  • Bobby Connor
  • Rick Joyner
  • Paul Cain
  • Kurt Waldheim
  • Mahesh Chavada
  • Ricky Skaggs
  • Edward N. West
  • Richard Dick Price
  • Paul C Hardart
  • Raymond J Heuchling
  • John G Houlihan
  • Michael J Maynard
  • Daniel J Kelly
  • Cardinal Maida
  • Frank J. Fahrenkopf Jr
  • Mariano Rampolla
  • Lord Guthrie
  • Kim Philby
  • John Philby
  • Patrick Cardinal Hayes
  • Edward L. Hearn
  • Nicholas F. Brady
  • Howard F. Carry
  • Patrick E. Crowley
  • James A. Farrell
  • James A. Fayne
  • Edward N. Hurley
  • James J. Phelan
  • Morgan J. O'Brien
  • John D. Ryan
  • Joseph P. Grace
  • Joseph J. Larkin
  • General Mark Clark
  • Myron C. Taylor
  • Ellery W. Stone
  • Mgr. Fiorenzo Angelini
  • Thun Hohenstein
  • Frederic von Hohenzollern-Sigmaringen
  • Felix Larkin
  • John D. J. Moore
  • Sir Edwin King
  • Sir Harry Luke
  • Sir Barry Domvile
  • S.E. Don Giangiacomo
  • Roger Pearson
  • Robert Gayre
  • Count Umberto Ortolani
  • Prince Massimo Spada
  • Giovanni Torrisi
  • Joseph Brennan.
  • Patrick J. Frawley, Jr
  • Paul-Louis Weiller
  • Erik von Kuehnelt-Leddihn
  • James D. Watkins
  • Thomas Bolan
  • Pete Domenici
  • Spiros S. Skouras
  • William A. Schreyer
  • Walter J. Hickel
  • Antoine Pinay
  • Mme. Raymond Barre
  • Bernard Dorin
  • Thourot Pichel
  • Robert Bassaraba von Brancovan
  • Arnaldo Petrucci
  • Basilio Petrucci
  • Umberto Stafanizzi
  • Francesco Pazienza
  • Francis X. Stankard
  • Gen Lemuel C. Shepherd
  • Gen Charles A. Willoughby
  • Gen Bonner Fellers
  • Gen Pedro A. del Valle
  • Guido Giannettini
  • Anthony Zinni
  • Lawrence J. DeNardis
  • Francis Rooney
  • Mahesh Chavda
  • Bobby Conner
  • Emilio T. Gonzalez
  • Hilario Davide
  • William Randolph Hearst
  • Jakob Von Uexkull
  • Louis Mortimer Bloomfield
  • Francis L. Kellogg
  • Marchesa Di Gregorio
  • Edward G. Landsdale
  • Alberto Moscato


  • Lord Stanley - He was Governor-General of Canada from 1888 to 1893
    • In 1893, Lord Stanley—a keen sportsman— donated the Stanley Cup as an award for Canada's top-ranking amateur hockey club. Member of Royal Alpha Lodge No 16, London, England. [111]
  • John A. Macdonald - Prime Minister of Canada from 1867 to 1891
    • First Canadian Prime Minister. St. John's Lodge No. 758, Kingston, Ontario. Honourary Past Grand Senior Warden. [112] [113]
  • Robert Borden - Prime Minister of Canada from 1914 to 1918
    • Borden led Canada as Prime Minister throughout the First World War (1914-1918) and led the Canadian delegation at the Paris Peace Conference (1919). His government extended the franchise to women in 1918. Initiated: 1880, St. Andrew's Lodge No. 1, Halifax, Nova Scotia [114] [115]
  • John Diefenbaker - Prime Minister of Canada from 1957 to 1963
    • A successful lawyer, and Conservative Member of Parliament from 1940 until his death in 1979, Diefenbaker was Canadian Prime Minister from June 21, 1957 to April of 1963. He was Chancellor of the University of Saskatchewan from 1969 until his death. Initiated: September 11, 1922, Passed: October 9, 1922, Raised: November 7, 1922, Wakaw Lodge No. 166, Wakaw, Saskatchewan [116]
  • Pierre Trudeau - Prime Minister of Canada from 1968 to 1979
    • involved with mind-control and child-abuse projects? [117]

Central America


  • Antonio López de Santa Anna (1794 – 1876)
    • Mexican general, revolutionist, president and dictator" was a mason. Yet he was a Catholic. Andrew Jackson wrote, "He is the pride of the Mexican soldiers and the favorite of the priesthood." At age 80, writing his memoirs, he stated, "I wish to record also that I defended the Apostolic Roman Catholic religion (the only one in which I believe and in which I must die)." [118]

[[Media:* Ignacio Comonfort (1812 – 1863)

    • "Ignacio Comonfort (1 812-1863) President of Mexico and soldier. b. March 12, 1812 in Pueblo, he entered the Jesuit college in his native city in 1826; .... He was grand commander, 33°, of the Supreme Council AASR of Mexico at Vera Cruz." [119]]]


  • Fidel Castro
    • "Fidel Castro was trained by Jesuits for seven years. His Jesuit advisor and right hand was Jesuit Father Armando Llorente. Castro was groomed in New York City as I have a picture of him in Central Park before the revolution in a nice, three-piece suit. And why was he in New York City? He was there to take his orders in person from the Archbishop of New York, Francis Cardinal Spellman, later the mastermind behind the JFK assassination. At this time in 1959 just prior to Castro being given Cuba, it had been decided that Cuba must be isolated from the American Empire, the Empire under the command of the Archbishop of New York and directed by the Jesuits at Fordham and Georgetown Universities. (Jesuit Georgetown University is the capital bringing its national and foreign policies into the White House West Wing. The Capitol buliding is not the capital.) Cuba was and is intended to be a staging base for the coming Sino-Soviet-Moslem invasion of America" [121] [122]

Dominican Republic

  • Jose Bans
    • "Jose Bans One of the five Catholic friars who established the lodge Philantrophia in Santo Domingo (now Dominican Republic) in 1819 and met in the vestry of a Catholic Church called Convento Dominico." [125]

  • Rafael Trujillo
    • Rafael Leónidas Trujillo Molina (Spanish pronunciation: [rafaˈel leˈoniðas tɾuˈxiʝo]; October 24, 1891 – May 30, 1961), nicknamed El Jefe (Spanish: [el ˈxefe], The Chief or The Boss), ruled the Dominican Republic from 1930 until his assassination in 1961.[1] He officially served as president from 1930 to 1938 and again from 1942 to 1952, otherwise ruling as an unelected military strongman. His 30 years in power, to Dominicans known as the Trujillo Era (Spanish: La Era de Trujillo), is considered one of the bloodiest ever in the Americas, as well as a time of a classic personality cult, when monuments to Trujillo were in abundance. It has been estimated that Trujillo's rule was responsible for the death of more than 50,000 people, including 20,000 to 30,000 in the infamous Parsley Massacre.
    • The Dominican Republic offers religious freedom, but the Catholic Church still enjoys certain favors, in particular due to a 1954 concordat with the Vatican. Under Rafael Trujillo's government. [126]
    • Fascism and the Dominican Republic

South America




  • Fernando Lugo (President, Former Roman Catholic Bishop)
    • Unhived Mind forum thread:
      • "... Colorado Party's 61-year reign faces a serious challenge, with Fernando Lugo and his left-leaning opposition coalition leading several polls ahead of Sunday's vote."
      • "Lugo launched his political career in late 2006 after the Vatican suspended him for getting into politics as he had organized a 40,000-strong protest against President Duarte in March that year. Advocating mild political policies, Lugo united leftist unions, Indians and poor farmers into a 22-party opposition coalition called the Patriotic Alliance for Change and became its leader." (Jesuitical Hegelian Dialectic games!)


  • Néstor Kirchner (1950)
    • The President of Argentina, from May 25, 2003 until December 10, 2007.







  • Hamid Karzai (1957) US CIA/military controlled puppet
    • (todo)



  • Moshe Katsav - (1945-) born in Iran, President since 2000.
    • to research: The media scandal about his alleged crimes seems to be a deliberate attempt to discredit him. If so, Why?

Saudi Arabia





todo: african FM http://groups.yahoo.com/group/OnLiberianMedium/message/56601




  • ...


  • ...


Zine abedine el ben ali pope.jpg


Hosni mubarak pope.jpg


Olesugun obansanjo.jpg


  • Association of Jesuit Colleges and Universities - East Asia and Oceania (AJCU-EAO):
    • Matthias Joon-ho Chae, SJ (Provincial, Korea Province)
    • Louis Gendron, SJ (Provincial, China Province)
    • Daniel Patrick L. Huang, SJ (Provincial, Philippine Province)
    • Agustinus Priyono Marwan, SJ (Provincial, Indonesia Province)
    • Shogo Sumita, SJ (Provincial, Japan Province)
    • Joel Tabora, SJ (Chair, AJCU-EAO and
    • President, Ateneo de Naga University)
    • Daniel Ross, SJ (AJCU-EAO Executive Secretary)
    • Ron Anton, SJ (Director, The Beijing Center)
    • Yoshiaki Ishizawa, PhD (President, Sophia University)
    • Wiilliam Kreutz, SJ (President, Ateneo de Zamboanga University)
    • Bienvenido Nebres, SJ (President, Ateneo de Manila University)
    • Paulus Wiryono Priyotamtama, SJ (President, Sanata Dharma University)
    • Antonio Samson, SJ (President, Ateneo de Davao University)
    • Byungdoo Sohn, PhD (President, Sogang University)
    • Benedictus Triatmoko, SJ (Director, St. Mikhael’s Technical Academy of Manufacturing Engineering, ATMI)
    • Jose Ramon Villarin, SJ (President, Xavier University - Ateneo de Cagayan)
    • Joseph Kim Chinh Vu, SJ (Fu Jen University)
    • Roberto Yap, SJ
    • Karel San Juan, SJ
    • Javier Alpasa, SJ


  • General info:
    • "The Jesuits came to the Philippines in 1581, and were expelled after 187 years of work there; they returned to Manila in 1859." ([127])
    • "The Philippines was dilapidated, looted and now an impoverished nation because of the conspiracies made by some elite peoples, priests and nuns that are controlled by the Jesuits. Today, political crisis & intrigues, social agitations, street marches-protests-rallies, and rebellions are very common in the Republic of the Philippines. These arenas are the expertise of the Jesuit Order." - Bobby G. Limeta
    • "I've seen the dilapidation and degradation of my beloved country "PHILIPPINES" from the hands of the Jesuits and CBCP endorsing catholic faith. Our government is financially broke and the money is in the hands of the elite, the elite molded and educated by the Jesuits." - Bobby G. Limeta
  • Emilio Aguinaldo (1869 – 1964)
    • Philippine Republic Emilio Aguinaldo in one of his speeches delivered after the Revolution, said; "The successful Revolution of 1896 was masonically inspired, masonically led, and masonically executed. And I venture to say that the first Philippine Republic of which I was its humble president, was an achievement we owe, largely, to masonry and the freemasons." [128] [129]
    • "Emilio Aguinaldo Philippine patriot and general. b. March 22, 1869, at Old Cavite, Luzon of Chinese and Tagalog parentage. Was educated in the home of a Jesuit priest and later in the University of St. Thomas, conducted by the Dominican friars in Manila. Was initiated Jan. 1, 1895 in Pilar Lodge under the Grand Orient of Spain, becoming master of the lodge." [130]
    • He was made a master mason on January 1, 1895 at Pilar Lodge No. 203 (now Pilar Lodge No. 15) at Imus Cavite and was founder of Magdalo Lodge No. 31 (renamed Emilio Aguinaldo Lodge No. 31 in his honor). He was conferred the Scottish Rite degrees in 1917 in the Philippine Bodies, A. & A. S. R. and was coroneted 33° by the Supreme Council of the 33rd Degree Ancient and Accepted Scottish Rite of Freemasonry of theRepublic of the Philippines. [131]
  • Manuel Roxas (1892 – 1948)
    • First President of the Philippine Republic, 1946-48. ... Roman Catholic. He was past master of Makawiwili Lodge No. 55 in his native town of Capiz. Received 32° AASR in Rizal Consistory on Nov. 13, 1923." [132]

President ferdinand marcos pope.jpg
Imelda marcos pope.jpg


  • to research: Yakuzi networks




  • ...

New Zealand

  • Helen Clark - socialist-international Prime Minister (1950)