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This is a growing list of neurotic individuals and families which belong to, or are affiliated with, masonic(-like) groups.

These top fascists work together - like stone masons - on the "Great Work" (often symbolically represented by a Pyramid) of world domination in both the political and spiritual realm.

Although their affiliations and their rank within those masonic groups are important, realize that these people are all very much part of the greater Neo Roman Empire project (or what some call the "New World disOrder" project).

The Neo Roman Empire mafia wants to control all Human awareness and its projections in our World, because they are afraid of those sovereign expressions.

Masonic groups


  • Research tools:
    • NNDB.com (a web tool for exploring the connections between people)

A Brief History of Freemasonry

  • According to legend, it originated with Nimrod, a mighty warrior against the Lord, who built the tower of Babel, which almost reached the heavens. (Genesis 10:10) The builders of the tower were “one and they have all one language”. God confused the languages from that moment.
  • From there, the mysteries of Freemasonry were exported throughout the world to many different cultures. Masons claim as well, that the patriarchs (Abraham, Isaac, Jacob) and Moses knew the secrets of freemasonry.
  • During the building of the temple of Solomon, a man from Tyre, Hiram Abiff, who oversaw its construction, was a Freemason. He was alleged to have died and come back to life miraculously. He is their “Christ” figure and masons strive to be like Hiram Abiff.
  • In more modern times, Freemasonry was a mystery society, which may have been practiced by the Knights Templars, who accompanied Crusaders to the Holy land in the 11th century.
  • Then, Freemasonry began to flourish after the reformation of 1519, most likely as a counter-reformation movement. This age was known as the “Enlightenment”, where “reason” replaced blind faith in God, and where science began to be more important than religious belief. Religious people were scoffed at by Freemasons like Voltaire, who wrote prolifically against the religious institutions of his day in France.
  • Freemasonry was persecuted in Spain during the Spanish inquisition, and Freemasons worldwide wanted to be free from the oppressive monarchies such as France, Spain and England. Many of the revolutionaries were Freemasons: the French revolutionaries, Simon Bolivar (who led rebellion against Spain in South America) and George Washington, who led rebellion against England.

Why Join the Lodge?

"People of the same trade seldom meet together, even for merriment and diversion, but the conversation ends in a conspiracy against the public." - Adam Smith
  • Masonic Philosophy. Many Masons are noted through history as great men – it’s philosophy is very attractive.
  • Strong Ties with other men. A sense of camaraderie with Masonic “Brothers”.
  • Business Connections: Masons will more likely do business with other masons.
  • Political & Spiritual Powers: Masons hold considerable power worldwide, and positions of power in government and military are awarded to brother masons.
  • Social Power: The ability to have a public and media voice.
  • Sense of Pride: Learning secrets and having special knowledge that the rest of the public does not have.