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“When an inner process can not be integrated it is often projected outward. The notion of a materialized psychism opens a bottomless void beneath our feet.” - Carl Jung
“As long as people believe in absurdities, they will continue to commit atrocities” - Voltaire
“A wise man should consider that health is the greatest of human blessings, and learn how by his own thought to derive benefit from his illnesses.” - Hippocrates


This is about the psychology and physiology behind the chronic obstruction of reason and emotion. The psychological, social, religious, scientific and political tragedies throughout Human time, and ways to learn from our troubled history to overcome the neurosis and its behavioral and social symptoms.

The neurosis rippling out from a person into society, then reflecting back and be repeated and amplified by culture. Our "Emotional Plague". Leading to the loss of health, honesty, beauty, love and sovereignty at the personal and social level.

General observations

“Nothing is as difficult as not deceiving oneself” - Ludwig Wittgenstein

A large part of humanity has failed to live in harmony with the practicality and spirituality of nature, including their own awareness and its cultural expressions, such as the ever faster evolving technologies. This vital relationship has been neglected and turned sour on a massive scale. Many people have a strongly diminished contact with their natural self, their food intake, their family, their friends, their local community, their deep cultural history, and the mysterious and beautiful cosmos around them on which their lives fully depend.

All this has given rise to the mass neurosis, from which we get so many 'unnatural' human beings, "Plastic People" who are sick on many levels, think superficially and act highly insecure. The awareness of these Plastic People does not flower naturally, instead it is aggressively constrained into a socially dictated and accepted form of stressful living. This social process could be called human-domestication or dehumanization. Out of this social disease have grown many neurotic, male dominated fascistic structures, which in turn use these social problems to further their own agenda.

"Plastic People" struggle with managing their own reality and feel a strong need create ideological and artificial securities. To hold on to and defend their dogmatic beliefs and/or want to escape the sensation of natural living (drug abuse, TV, obesity, consumerism, etc.). These people do this even against a tide of evidence that they are misguided on important issues. The ultimate reason for this state of denial and confusion is a set of primal, mainly subconscious psycho-emotional fears. Most importantly the fear of rejection by the mother, family, friends, school, their partner and other parts of society. The 'below-the-radar' fear management causes chronic forms of psychosomatic stress, and holds back a persons true natural flowering potential. (todo: trauma healing methods, embracing your natural self, acquiring self-knowledge through feedback loops between experience and centered awareness)

The often used dualistic concepts (god/devil, good/evil, light/darkness, angel/deamon, etc.) should really be seen in the sphere of health versus sickness - both mentally and physically, individually and socially. Life's energy is optimal in whole health.

Evil/darkness/rigidness/fascism/... are often our social conventions to express the underlying disease, using our common language and neurotic behavior patterns. Collectively this becomes the mass neurosis. This consensus reality talk simply distorts our perception of the true nature of our social diseases.

The future is very uncertain but full of struggle. Most of all this is an awareness struggle. People have to re-establish a grounding connection to their natural perception of reality. This means a full awareness of - and a breaking away from - the ongoing mass-neurotic cultural conditioning going on all over the world. Then people can see the deep web of lies and organize themselves according to their own 'chosen' values, priorities and responsibilities. Its a conundrum of immense complexity.

Our mass neurosis is all over society and over time this psycho-somatic friction crystallizes this into ever grander and more rigid structures - externalized and materialized forms of the psychosis. The fascists, the pseudo alpha-males who also struggle with their own reality and fear true love, because of their own deep traumatic disconnect, just try to make this re-connection even harder for others too. Nothing makes people more jealous and eventually bitter, than seeing the love they never fully received - and even ignored/rejected/ridiculed/killed - being experienced by others.

All in the cosmos comes from the same mind and is ultimately driven by the same mind. Making wrong choices can lead to friction, which can lead to suffering, but from this we can learn a lot. Hippocrates said: "A wise man should consider that health is the greatest of human blessings, and learn how by his own thought to derive benefit from his illnesses."

The suffering can not be eliminated completely. Never. It is a part of the ever evolving cosmos. However, the suffering does not have to as great as it is now, if we learn how to deal better with it. Meaning: less ego (structures), more awareness of your environment (past and present), a better food intake, etc. Ultimately only true love and its honest extensions (such as the balanced persuit of health, beauty, inner truths, knowledge, social relations and other life experiences) are the aspects of life that give us real peace of mind.

Neurosis psychology

Psychosomatic stress

Cognitive dissonance

  • Todo: describe the non-integrative process of cognitive dissonances, and the psycho-somatic stress build-up from this mental friction which can lead to psychological trauma's.


  • This is direct/global communication notification from the body/cells that something is wrong and that attention needs to be directed towards 'the problem'. Note that after chronic hardening there can be cascades of various body malfunctions - either mental or physical distress symptoms.

Social rejection

Child neglect

“The mother prevails in her despair. The father withdraws to his shell. The child turns inward. In impotent revolt. And the wound. The ancient wound. Silently bleeds.” [1]

Children are not allowed to be children for too long. Once they enter a public primary school, their life is drastically changed forever. A new way of 'order and communication' now needs to be taught, often in the context of a few dozen of other 'shocked' children.

Important things which make up a child's world before entering school, such as: personal creativity, curiousness, day-dreaming, body emotions, sleeping, nature exploration, are now being suppressed to a large extend. The child's focus should now be: listening (meaning: obeying!), learning to read, handwriting, word spelling, and calculations. The rich pre-verbal communication experiences of the child are quickly driven out. All this is done in a noisy and often sterile environment, and goes on for many hours per day, 5 days a week. All the while their parents are busy with their own social life.


  • todo: degraded social interactions, the taboo and masking of loneliness, mental loneliness, surrogate life purposes.

Defence mechanisms

  • "defense mechanisms are psychological strategies brought into play by various entities to cope with reality and to maintain self-image."


  • "Dissociation is a mental process that severs a connection to a person's thoughts, memories, feelings, actions, or sense of identity. Dissociation is a normal response to trauma, and allows the mind to distance itself from experiences that are too much for the psyche to process at that time." ... "Due to their unexpected and largely inexplicable nature, they tend to be quite unsettling. Dissociation is often a coping mechanism for survivors of trauma." ... "Pierre Janet claimed that dissociation occurred only in persons who had a constitutional weakness of mental functioning that led to hysteria when they were stressed.


  • "a defense mechanism, in which a person is faced with a fact that is too uncomfortable to accept and rejects it instead, insisting that it is not true despite what may be overwhelming evidence."
  • Cognitive distortion


  • "displacement is an subconscious defense mechanism whereby the mind redirects effects from an object felt to be dangerous or unacceptable to an object felt to be safe or acceptable." (edited)




  • "Any redirection of energy from the socially unacceptable to the acceptable." [3]


  • "The process of constructing a mental justification for a non-rational belief, decision, action or lack thereof."


  • Todo: Mental diversions as an 'escape' from the perceived unpleasant aspects of stress.
  • The most prevalent form of escape from emotional complexity is promiscuity: the attempt to achieve a strict separation between sex and feeling. Here again, escape masquerades as liberation, regression as progress. The progressive ideology of 'nonbinding committments' and 'cool sex' makes a virtue of emotional disengagement, while purporting to criticize the depersonalization of sex. Enlightened authorities like Alex Comfort, Nena and George O'Neill, Robert and Anna Francoeur insist on the need to humanize sex by making it into a 'total experience' instead of a mechanical performance; yet in the same breath they condemn the human emotions of jealousy and possessiveness and decry 'romantic illusions'. ... The promotion of sex as a 'healthy', 'normal' part of life masks a desire to divest it of the emotional intensity that unavoidably clings to it." Section "Strategies of Accomodation"


  • See also:
  • Note the dangerous potentials for mind-control programming abuse by inserting the desire and establishment of a corrupted form of "Oneness through various consensus trance 'realities'".
  • "The Bi-polar manipulation of the Ego: The ego in humanity, individually and collectively, is a possessing entity which is an illusion in itself. It was born in fear, feeds on fear, and is manipulated in fear; fear in all it’s branches and manifesting archetypes. Therefore the pain and dysfunction on the planet is rooted in fear and all of it’s fractions. The science of manipulation is a well studied art amongst the “elite”, and is applied through the subversive use of the occult, to subliminally influence the sub-conscious fears the ego is rooted in. Through the hegelian dialectic" ... "If people would cease to be lulled into this game by the manipulating subconscious agent within themselves(the ego), this social engineering could not take place. The content is numerous the method is not, but there are so many ego identities tailored and sold to the people that it in-turn creates a compartmentalized society that is very easily manipulated." ... "All life is interconnected, but because people have been fooled into believing otherwise, the compartmentalization of society has occurred, the 'elite' being well aware of this phenomena at work within human beings. That is why everything that has to do with a holistic approach is suppressed, from science to technology to health. Because it threatens the monopoly of control that the 'elite' have held for so long and the only way it continues is because people continue to play along." [4] (edited)

Chronic hardening

  • Todo: describe chronic hardening from structural/internalized defence mechanisms.



  • Socially acceptable hardening.
  • Expressions of the neurosis (form and types):
    • Inflated ego (performing a role for acceptance)
    • Crushed ego (silently hiding from hurt)


  • Chronic stress - mentally and physically - which is not properly addressed by the individual, can lead to an extreme degree of neurosis called psychosis. A psychotic person embodies a socially unacceptable form of hardening.


“When the power of love overcomes the love of power the world will know peace.” - Jimi Hendrix
“When you let go of fear the truth will appear, so simple and clear” - Nick Barber

There is a healing strategy for our individual and collective traumas, to stop the dangerous potentials for orchestrated disorders, by which the fascistic elite keep their grip on the people and our collective resources. Before one can act, one must know oneself, the enemies and their agenda's. We must first understand ourselves and our collective history, before we can change things. This self-understanding process is still developing, but is critical to the next step: developing critical thinking skills, historical awareness, creative expressions and love and respect for the whole of life.

Some critical actions:

  • Coming to terms with ones own emotions of fear, anger, loneliness, desperation, disappointment. And realize that these emotions can be stimulated/manipulated by fascist controlled systems if you 'let it happen' (aka: are unaware of these harmful manipulative forces).
  • True insight and reflection into our own personal, national and international history.
  • Explore and realize ones own creative powers.
  • Develop and support an honest and caring relationship with the environment around you, especially: people (partner, family, friends, children, elders), animals, forests, etc.
  • Help with the broader education of people, share your life's experiences, lessons and wisdom with them.
  • Support home/community schooling, independent media, websites, podcasts, public presentations, and social gatherings, important local organizations and businesness.

Working on all these points is IMO the only way to restore peace, justice and democracy around the world. We need to turn our fear and anger into a positive and enduring manifestation for ourselves and the people we love. From that critical understanding comes a point of self-confidence and energy which completely voids the illogical fear mongering by the fascists and their puppets.