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    • Hermes Trismegistos is not only connected with the important writings of Corpus Hermeticum, but, as the inventor of all arts and sciences, he is also associated with the ancient art of alchemy. one of the oldest and most profound of all alchemical documents is the so-called Emerald Tablet of Hermes Trismegistos. As C.G.Jung and other scholars have recognized, alchemy was heavily influenced by gnostic ideas. Gnosis teaches that Spirit has fallen into Matter. It is the task of the alchemist to assist the liberation of spirit hidden in matter. Since all metals are naturally evolving toward gold, the apex of the mineral kingdom, the alchemist merely acts as a midwife, speeding along the process of what is ultimately a form of spiritual evolution. In the same way that Christ came to redeem all of humanity, the task of alchemy is the "redemption" of all matter. (Jesus Christ, sun of God: ancient cosmology and early Christian symbolism By David R. Fideler p241 [1])

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  • Various notes:
    • Todo: note the physical and metaphysical properties of gold (non-reactionary, pure, stable, etc.)


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