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Below some messages from researcher Eric Jon Phelps on the ongoing Shia muslim genocide.

Percent Shia Muslims (green) in Countries of North Africa and Western Asia
Ashish Raje: I have been reading your recent post regarding the alliance of Jesuits, Wahhabis and Masonic Sunnis to eliminate Shite Muslims. How does Sunni Iraq fall in this scenario?
Ethnic and religious groups in Iraq

Eric Jon Phelps: To begin with, Iraq is not majority Sunni but majority Shiite. As you may also know, the Shia have been being eliminated since the days of the erection of CIA/Jesuit controlled, Freemasonic, Sunni-Baathist Saddam Hussein. With the exit of Sunni Hussein and the execution of his double, US forces remained in Iraq to eliminate the majority population, it being Shia. Babylon is to be rebuilt on the Euphrates River in a Shia-free Iraq, for which reason US contractors have erected 14 military bases and an American Embassy the size of the Vatican---all of which will be given to the new Sunni Islamic state after this Crusade. Dubai is the prelude to the building of Babylon.

The death toll is now over one million men, women and children most of whom are Shia. Contributing to this war of annihilation are highly paid US mercenaries, most of whom are ex-Special Forces, Green Beret, Delta Teams and Navy Seals. The majority of these "private contractors" are with Blackwater, the largest mercenary army in the world. And Blackwater is controlled by the Knights of Malta, including Joseph Schmitz.

The pope's CFR-controlled press here in the American Empire make it appear that this crusade is against both Shia and Sunni in Iraq. Nothing could be further from the truth. Sunni Falujah was the arena of a huge battle for US forces due to the killing of four Blackwater mercs who were deliberately sent into Falujah to be killed by their Blackwater superiors. This resluted in more Congressional money for Blackwater and the battle of Falujah---an open battle with Sunnis.

This Jesuit-controlled US Army policy has led to a Civil War in Iraq, the Order using the US forces, private mercs and Sunni leaders to daily murder the Shia. All calls by Shia leaders to unite with the Sunni leaders against the foreign invaders will never succeed. The Sunni leaders in Iraq, in addition to the Sunni leaders in Pakistan, Qatar, UAE, Bahrain, Egypt, Jordan, Turkey and Saudi Arabia are all working in concert with the Jesuit/CFR-controlled US-Bush government to annihilate the Shia of Iraq and later the Shia of Iran. Iran is now surrounded by Sunni enemies controlled by the US. Iran will be invaded after the US has experienced a CIA/FBI/NSA controlled nuclear detonation to be blamed on Iran. According to ex-General and CFR member Wesley Clark, the Pentagon planned to invade Iran, which plan was made known to him ten days after 911. That interview in which he made this confession is on my website.

The reason the Order is using its American military to destroy the Shia is twofold. First, the Caliph of the Shia is considered to be divine, a spiritual and temporal/political ruler and thus a rival to the pope of Rome. On the other hand, the Sunni Caliph is considered to be only a temporal/political ruler and thus not a spiritual rival to the pope of Rome. The only man on earth who may be considered as divine or "god on earth" is to be the pope of Rome. It is for this reason the Order used its American military industrial complex to overthrow the "divine" Emperor of Japan in 1945 and the "divine" Bhuddist Dalai Lama of Tibet in 1959. Now the Order is overthrowing any possible Caliph who may arrive among the Shia also claiming to be divine.

The other reason for the annihilation of the Shia is that the Shia are serious enemies of the pope's revived "Latin Kingdom of Jerusalem," which we call Israel. All Sunni leadership is Masonic and thus under the control of the Black Pope. Thus, no Sunni leader will seriously attempt to destroy Rome's Kingdom of Jerusalem---nor engage in a peace treaty lest he be assassinated. The open but deceptive policy of Rome's Sunni alliance of leaders is to oppose Israel; the secret policy is to uphold Rome's Kingdom of Jerusalem ruled by the Black Pope's Masonic Jewish Labor Zionists---those murderers of their own Jewish people. The Jesuit-controlled, Masonic Sunni/Wahhabi/US/ secret alliance will continue to be manifested through the Order's Masonic, Sunni/Wahhabi Islamic International Terrorist Network controlled by the Black Pope's International Intelligence Community overseen by both the American CIA and the British SIS. Oil bonanza Wahhabi Saudi Arabia was built into the present financial colossus by the Jesuits controlling both the CFR-ruled US and the RIIA-rulled UK over the last eighty years.

Shia Benazir Bhutto was a threat to this US/Sunni alliance (between the US and Pakistan) as she declared on David Frost's BBC interview that Bin Laden had been murdered. Without the false enemy of Bin Laden, the US Crusade to include Sunni Musharrif would come to a halt. And of course, the Bin Laden and Bush families had been business partners in the Carlyle Group for over twenty years before 911. Therefore, the CIA/ISI murdered Bhutto, as she was delivered into the hands of the assassins by CFR controlled, Black Roman Catholic Sec. of State Condo Rice. Bhutto was to deliver a secret document into the hands of JFK assassin and Pennsylvania US Senator, 33 Degree Jewish Freemason Arlen Specter, whose master is the Archbishop of New York, Edward Cardinal Egan.

Denny: This video was created by Romney's presidential campaign staff. Is this a hoax or are they preparing us for something to come? http://www.usawakeup.org [1]

Eric Jon Phelps: "This is Jesuit propaganda intended to incite the American public to go to war with Iran after the coming CIA/FBI/NSA/DIA detonations in Washington and possibly the downing of the Statue of Liberty. Corsi is a Jesuit temporal coadjutor.

In the video, notice the financial connection between Jesuit Georgetown University and Saudi Arabia. It is the Jesuits, in control of the Office of Immigration, who have brought these millions of Moslems into the US and Canada. These Moslems are being armed by the Order's Masonic Roman Catholic Mafia leaders. The Order's House of Saud finances the building of the many mosques, further proving that the Order is in control of Wahhabi, Shia and Sunni Islamic leaders via Grand Orient Freemasonry. Shia leaders are now betraying their own people into the hands of the pope's SMOM-led American Crusaders including SMOM Blackwater.

Even as the Moslems are being conditioned to hate and kill Americans, so are we Americans being conditioned to hate and kill Moslems---of every stripe. And Jerome Corsi is one of the Order's foremost agent provocateurs."

"It is for this reason I believe that the Order has brought a huge Moslem population into Europe as well as the US and Canada. The Moslems whose Masonic leaders are subject to papal control via the Black Pope's International Intelligence Community (CIA/FBI/NSA/DIA and MI5/MI6/BND/SVR/FSB(former KGB), etc.) will be used to attack and kill many thousands of Jews. After they have been used for this purpose, these Moslems will be rounded up and sent to the concentration camps, the Order cleverly ending both the Jewish and Moslem presence in North America and in Europe. To facilitate this scenario, a military dictator must arise in Europe and in the American Empire. In a clever roundabout way, the Order will have used their controlled Moslem presence in both arenas to "solve" its "Jewish Question." Once solved, these dictators can then move to eliminate the "Moslem terrorists" to the delight of the American and European peoples thereby uniting White Roman Catholics and White apostate Protestants into the Order's "New Right" Republican fascism. This is a most doable agenda for the Jesuits. It is one of the strings to their bow of anarchy, revolution and war---for the greater glory of their god---the god who sits in St. Peter's Chair." - Eric Jon Phelps