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“Last January, 25,000 people applied for 325 jobs at a Wal-Mart in Chicago.” - John Pilger
“The best way to kill someone is to pay him to do nothing” - Félix Leclerc



  • History of social welfare.
  • Types of social welfare systems.
  • Goals of modern social welfare in the scheme of class-systems and political/economic/educational controls.
    • Most of the evils [!] discussed in this book (The Culture of Narcissism by Christopher Lasch) originate in a new kind of paternalism, which has risen from the ruins of the old paternalism of kings, priests, authoritarian fathers, slavemasters, and landed overlords. Capitalism has severed the ties of personal dependence only to revive dependence under cover of bureaucratic rationality. Having overthrown feudalism and slavery and then outgrown its own personal and familial form, capitalism has evolved a new political ideology, welfare liberalism, which absolves individuals of moral responsibility and treats them as victims of social circumstance. It has evolved new modes of social control, which deal with the deviant as a patient and substitute medical rehabilitation for punishment. It has given rise to a new culture, the narcissistic culture of our time, which has translated the predatory individualism of the American Adam [1][2] into a terapeutic jargon that celebrates not so much individualism as solipsism, justifying self-absorpotion as 'authenticity' and 'awareness'." Paternalism Without Father


Types of resources

  • Natural: ...
  • Cultural: ...

Resource claims

  • land ownership
  • water
  • food production
  • housing construction laws
  • border controls
  • Knowledge
  • ...

Resource owners



Worker unions

  • Coxey's Army - was 1894 a protest march by unemployed workers from the United States.

Socio-economic policies

Income control

  • Minimum wage
  • Selective immigration
  • Central banking - fiat currency - inflation control - artificial boom/bust cycles
  • See also: North America Union - a capitalistic/political concept similar to the European Union
  • See also: Debt

Economic emancipation

  • to research: Feminist movement funding by the elites for the purpose of more income-tax, childhood education control?