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Book of Enoch Ch VIII
1.And Azâzêl taught men to make swords, and knives, and shields, and breastplates, and made known to them the metals of the earth and the art of working them, and bracelets, and ornaments, and the use of antimony, and the beautifying of the eyelids, and all kinds of costly stones, and all colouring tinctures.
2. And there arose much godlessness, and they committed fornication, and they were led astray, and became corrupt in all their ways. Semjâzâ taught enchantments, and root-cuttings, Armârôs the resolving of enchantments, Barâqîjâl (taught) astrology, Kôkabêl the constellations, Ezêqêêl the knowledge of the clouds, Araqiêl the signs of the earth, Shamsiêl the signs of the sun, and Sariêl the course of the moon.


todo: Technology and the occult


  • Greek/Roman (Heron of Alexandria, Ctesibius of Alexandria)
  • Medieval times (John Dee, Francis Bacon)
  • Modern Times (Jack Parson, Von Braun?)
  • Cartography, cryptography - linked to Freemasonry & Rosicrucians []

Biblical Account

Mythological Account

  • Accounts of technology transfer
  • Oannes
    • Oannes (Hovhannes [Հովհաննես] in Armenian) was the name given by the Babylonian writer Berossus in the 3rd century BC to a mythical being who taught mankind wisdom. Berossus describes Oannes as having the body of a fish but underneath the figure of a man. He is described as dwelling in the Persian Gulf, and rising out of the waters in the daytime and furnishing mankind instruction in writing, the arts and the various sciences.
  • Nommo
    • The Nommos are also referred to as “Masters of the Water”, “the Monitors”, and "the Teachers”. + To check claims about astronomical knowlegde [11]
  • Prometheus

Astronomy and calendars


Antikythera Device

  • Main Antikythera mechanism fragment. The mechanism consists of a complex system of 32 wheels and plates with inscriptions relating to the signs of the zodiac and the months. Image: National Archaeological Museum, Athens, No. 15987.
  • Antikythera Device seems to work based on the Ptolemaic view of the world, same planetary system worshiped and used in the Ziggurat with the 7 planetary shperes
  • Antikythera Device
  • Similar Devices in Ancient Literature: Cicero's 'De republica', a 1st century BC philosophical dialogue, mentions two machines that some modern authors consider as some kind of planetarium or orrery, predicting the movements of the Sun, the Moon, and the five planets known at that time. They were both built by Archimedes. [12]
  • video: Antikythera mechanism in 3D

Metal Working


Physics and Mechanics


Hero of Alexandria

Heron from Alexandria (Heron Alexandrinus) was a Mathematician, Physicist and Engineer who lived in 10-70 AD but some references consider also 150 AD which is probably wrong, as in one of his works he referred to a recent eclipse which is now thought to have occurred in 13 March 62 AD. From Heron's writings it is reasonable to deduce that he taught at the Museum in Alexandria. His origin is uncertain although he wrote in Greek on the measurement of geometric figures and invented many contrivances operated by water, steam, or compressed air, including a fountain and a fire engine. [13]

Known as Michanikos, the Machine Man, Heron invented the world's first steam engine, developed some sophisticated surveying tools, and crafted handy gizmos like a self-trimming oil lamp. Technically speaking, Heron's clever inventions were particularly notable for their incorporation of the sorts of self-regulating feedback control systems that form the bedrock of cybernetics; like today's toilets, his "inexhaustible goblet" regulated its own level with a floating mechanism. But what really stirred Heron's soul were novelties: pneumatic gadgets, automata, and magic theaters, one of which rolled itself before the audience on its own power, cranked through a miniature three-dimensional performance, and then made its own exit. Another staged a Dionysian mystery rite with Apollonian precision: Flames lept, thunder crashed, and miniature female Bacchantes whirled madly around the wine god on a pulley-driven turntable. Erik Davis - Techgnosis: Myth, Magic & Mysticism In The Age Of Information [14]

  • Heron’s Books
    • Automata (in Arabic Translation) (Greek: moving itself) (lat. De automatis). A collection of constructions called miracles (thaumata) for temples. Heron describes automatic rotating objectives, noise such as thunder, automatic opening doors. Philon from Byzanz describes the existence of automata in his book Mechaniki syntaxis, that includes pneumatic apparatus and automatic astronomical devices as early as 300 BC.
    • Catoptrica geometric linear propagation of light, reflection, use of mirrors. A PDF File in German with reference to the Catoptrica.
    • Dioptra (in Arabic Translation) (Greek word for a instrument to see through). A collection of constructions for the determination of lengths from a distance. Heron describes constructions similar to the Theodolit used for measurements of angles and other devices such as the odometer used to measure distances.
    • Metrica (in Arabic Translation) A collection of 3 books for the determination of areas and volume of objectives. Part 1 considers the area of triangles and other polygons with 4-12 sides, Surfaces of pyramids, cylinders, spheres etc. Part 2 considers the volume of sphere, cylinder, prisms, pyramids etc. Part 3 considers the division of areas and volumes in parts. He gives a method fort he determination of the cubit root and calculates the cubic root of 100.
    • Pneumatica (Spiritalia) Two books, A collection of around 80 mechanical apparatus, that work with air, steam or hydraulic pressure. This includes a fire extinction apparatus, automata that provide water if a coin is inserted and the first steam engine (Aeolipile). The Heronball, Thermoscope, Syphon, Fontain, and Aeolipile. 1899 Edition in Greek
    • Belopoeica A Collection of war machines. The original manuscript did nor survive but medieval handwritten copies exist. 1918 Version in Greek
    • Mechanica 3 Books of how to move heavy objects. Part 1 provides the basis of statics and dynamics. Part 2 shows 5 simple machines. Part 3 describes lifting machines and pressures. Mechanica 1999 Edition
  • Other books possible also from Heron are
    • Geometrica A collection of equations and exercises based on the first chapter of Metrica.
    • Stereometrica Examples of three dimensional objectives based on the second Metrica Chapter.
    • Mensurae Objects that can be used for measuring based on Stereometrica and Metrica.
    • Cheirobalistra (xeiroballistrwn kataskeuh kai summetria.) A Part of a lexicon about Catapults.
  • Ancient machines (documentary History channel: Machines of the gods) [15] [16] [17]
    • Statues as the levitating chariot (Usage of magnetism)
    • Statues using pneumatics system, cybele many breast squirting milk
    • Statues crying blood (Weeping Statues)
    • Statue of the horse which the priest cut his head and drank from the water bowl taken to his mouth
    • Mechanism to open the doors of the temple
    • Thunder sound mechanism (rolling balls in a wooden box)
    • Archer and dragon statues that emit the sound when dragon is hit with arrow. [18]
    • [19]


Nikola Tesla



<gallery widths="240px" heights="200px" perrow="2"> Image:Edward-Leedskalnin_EM_wheel_002.jpg|Remnant of the "electro-magnetic fly-wheel" setup allegedly used to help build Coral Castle. (more images) Image:Edward-Leedskalnin_EM_wheel_005.png Image:Edward-Leedskalnin_EM_wheel_001b.png|Note that these are V-shaped magnets, not bar-magnets. Image:Edward-Leedskalnin_EM_wheel_002b.png| Image:Edward-Leedskalnin_EM_wheel_004.png|"Here you can see the angles of the flywheel. If I ever reference an angle on the flywheel, you can use this image as a reference. The white square marks the base of a wooden pyramid." ... "If the number of degrees ends in a 0 it is a north pole, i.e. 0°, 30°, 60°, etc. If the number of degrees ends in a 5 then it is a south pole, i.e. 15°, 45°, 75°, etc." [20] Image:Edward-Leedskalnin_EM_wheel_003.png| Image:Edward-Leedskalnin_EM_wheel_001c.png| <gallery>


  • Cartography
    • Piri Reis map
      • The Piri Reis map shows the western coast of Africa, the eastern coast of South America, and the northern coast of Antarctica. The northern coastline of Antarctica is perfectly detailed. The most puzzling however is not so much how Piri Reis managed to draw such an accurate map of the Antarctic region 300 years before it was discovered, but that the map shows the coastline under the ice. Geological evidence confirms that the latest date Queen Maud Land could have been charted in an ice-free state is 4000 BC. [21] [22] [23]
      • In 1953, a Turkish naval officer sent the Piri Reis map to the U.S. Navy Hydrographic Bureau. To evaluate it, M.I. Walters, the Chief Engineer of the Bureau, called for help Arlington H. Mallery, an authority on ancient maps, who had previously worked with him. After a long study, Mallery discovered the projection method used. To check out the accuracy of the map, he made a grid and transferred the Piri Reis map onto a globe: the map was totally accurate. He stated that the only way to draw map of such accuracy was the aerial surveying: but who, 6000 years ago, could have used airplanes to map the earth?? The Hydrographic Office couldn't believe what they saw: they were even able to correct some errors in the present days maps!! The precision on determining the longitudinal coordinates, on the other hand, shows that to draw the map it was necessary to use the spheroid trigonometry, a process supposedly not know until the middle of 18th century. Hapgood has proved that the Piri Re'is map is plotted out in plane geometry, containing latitudes and longitudes at right angles in a traditional "grid"; yet it is obviously copied from an earlier map that was projected using spherical trigonometry! Not only did the early map makers know that the Earth was round, but they had knowledge of its true circumference to within 50 miles! Hapggod had sent his collection of ancient maps (we will see the Piri reis map was not the only one...) to Richard Strachan, at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. Hapggod wanted to know exactly the mathematical level needed in order to draw the original source maps. Strachan answered in 1965, saying that the level had to be very high. In fact Strachan said that in order to draw such maps, the authors had to know about the spheroid trigonometry, the curvature of the earth, methods of projection; knowledge that is of a very high level. The way the Piri Reis map shows the Queen Maud land, its coastlines, its rivers, mountain ranges, plateaus, deserts, bays, has been confirmed by a British-Swedish expedition to Antarctic ( as said by Olhmeyer in his letter to Hapggod); the researchers, using sonar and seismic soundings, indicated that those bays and rivers etc, were underneath the ice-cap, which was about one mile thick.
      • The importance of this map is to prove that Global Warming his a hoax and that ice cap melting is part of natural earth process, which will not flood the world, nor rise the sea levels.

Science and the occult


I Ching and the Binary sequence

  • The combination of solid and broke lines forming the trigrams and hexagrams corresponds to the binary system of arithmetic, the same system used in computer programming. This mathematical interpretation was discovered by German philosopher Gottfried Wilhelm Leibnitz (1646-1716) who was the inventor of base-two, or binary arithmetic.
  • “Leibnitz believed that his mathematical system demonstrated God’s existence: All combinations arise from the Creator and nothing. In other words, God creates everything from nothing. Leibnitz was corresponding with a Jesuit missionary in China, Father Joachim Bouvet at the time. In 1701, hoping to entice the Chinese to accept Christianity with his mystical calculations, Leibnitz sent Bouvet a copy of his published work on binary arithmetic. Bouvet recognized a connection between Leibnitz’s system and the I Ching’s symbols and sent him a circular arrangement of the hexagrams composed by Song dynasty philosopher Shao Yong. Remarkably, Yong’s arrangement was a mirror image of Liebnitz’s base-two system from 0 to 63.” Feng Shui for Dummies, pg. 7 I Ching and the Binary Numeric System
  • Also see: I Ching divination


They called these torus-like flow forms the ‘Anu’ and mentioned that the atom is shaped from the aether using the Anu as a flow form.[8]
  • Interestingly, in 1895 two clairvoyants by the name Charles Leadbeater and Annie Besant published an article in a magazine titled ‘Occult Chemistry’ wherein they explained the internal structure of Hydrogen, Oxygen and Nitrogen. Using clairvoyance as the only instruments in their scrutiny, they revealed the internal structure of the above-mentioned elements. The clairvoyants had no scientific background whatsoever; however they pictured the following torus shapes as the basic building blocks of the atom. Daniel Winter supports the idea of these two clairvoyants and uses the torus shape from these observations along with the Platonic Solids to construct the atom. [24]

Technology Suppression


  • JP Morgan as main financier behind energy syuppresion
    • todo: JP Morgan was major owner of copper mines and Tesla's inventions (wireless electricity/radio tower) was a threat to his holdings
    • The suppression of overunity Maxwellian systems was deliberately done by J. P. Morgan, way back in 1892 and 1900, when Lorentz was impressed to alter the already-severely limited Maxwellian equations. That suppression has continued to the present day, and it still continues unabated. Quoting Barrett, one of the founders of ultrawideband radar:
[T]he A field [for the potentials] was banished from playing the central role in Maxwell's theory and relegated to being a mathematical (but not physical) auxiliary. This banishment took place during the interpretation of Maxwell's theory... by Heaviside... and Hertz. The 'Maxwell theory' and 'Maxwell's equations' we know today are really the interpretation of Heaviside... Heaviside took the 20 equations of Maxwell and reduced them to the four now known as "Maxwell's equations. [Terence W. Barrett, "Electromagnetic Phenomena Not Explained by Maxwell's Equations," A. Lakhtakia, ed., Essays on the Formal Aspects of Electromagnetics Theory, World Scientific Publishing, River Edge, NJ, 1993, p. 11.] [25]


  • Antoine Prioré
    • In the 1960's and 1970's, in France, Antoine Prioré built and tested electromagnetic healing machines of startling effectiveness. In hundreds and hundreds of strictly controlled tests with laboratory animals, Prioré's machine cured a wide variety of the most difficult kinds of terminal, fatal diseases known today. Funded by millions of dollars, Prioré's machines concretely demonstrated a nearly 100% cure of all kinds of terminal cancers and leukemias, in thousands of rigorous laboratory tests with animals. These results were shown to medical scientists as early as 1960. [26]
    • Supporters and financiers of the Prioré machine included:
      • The Prime Minister of France - Jacques Chaban-Delmas
      • The World Health Organization.
      • Robert Courrier - permanent secretary of the French Academy of Sciences (CNRS Gold medal 1963)
      • Professor Raymond Pautrizel - France's leading Professor of Immunology & Parasitology
      • The D.G.R.S.T. - France's top government scientific agency, headed by an M.I.T. trained physicist
      • Professor André Lwoff - the 1965 Nobel Prize winner for Medicine
      • The French military
      • Members of the Faculty of Medicine of the University of Bordeaux
      • Cancerologists at the Villejuif Institute for Cancer Research (Institut Gustave-Roussy?)
      • A Ph.D. was even awarded by the University of Bordeaux in 1984 for a thesis on the research (to Eric Perisse).
    • In 1974, a change of local government lost Prioré his government supporters, his support and funding were lost, and subsequent attempts to restore his technology into the public domain were viciously suppressed.

Tom Bearden comments:
"It is my impression that the French Government did finally recognize how at least part of the Prioré process worked, and weaponized it as longitudinal EM wave interferometers. In fact every nuclear weapon on the planet, along with every nuclear powerplant, every nuclear propulsion system, etc. can be dudded in about 10 minutes by one class of these weapons."



Sacred geometry