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Various Jesuits


Francis Xavier

1506 – 1552

Charles, Cardinal of Lorraine

1524 - 1574

  • Charles, Cardinal of Lorraine, 1572 Receiving the Head of Admiral Gaspard de Coligny. The Huguenots had been victorious in three Civil Wars against their Monarch of France, Charles IX, governed by his Queen mother, Catherine de Medici. They had obtained religious liberty with the Peace of St. Germain and Coligny sought to aid the Low Countries in their Calvinist revolt against Spain. Under the eye of the Black Pope, a trap was set luring all of the Protestants to a royal wedding in Paris. After the party, early in the morning, with white crosses on their hats, the assassins first murdered the great Admiral Coligny in his bedroom. After the savage and ghoulish massacre of 75,000 Protestant Huguenots, the Medicis sent his head as a trophy to the Jesuit-trained Cardinal of Lorraine pictured above.Ridpath’s Universal History, John Clark Ridpath, (New York: Merrill & Baker, 1901) Vol. XIII, p. 255. [36]

Francisco Ribera

1537 – 1591

  • Todo .. Perverted teh prophecies and made them "Futurist Christian eschatological view." in order to identidy Antichrist a s futur person, not the papacy

Christopher Clavius

1538 – 1612

  • German Jesuit mathematician and astronomer who was the main architect of the modern Gregorian calendar.]

Robert Bellarmine

1542 – 1621

  • Todo: same a Ribera - link all info [38]

Matteo Ricci

(1552 – 1610)


Athanasius Kircher

1602 – 1680

Todo: The "Kircher Tree" [40] & Hermetic Qabalah [41], more pics [42]


Raimondo di Sangro

1710 – 1771 (Jesuit trained alchemical Master, the 7th "Prince of Sansevero") [43]

Roger Joseph Boscovich

(1711 – 1787)

Franz Mesmer

(1734 – 1815)

  • Studied at the Jesuit universities of Dillingen and Ingolstadt
  • Anton Mesmer was a Freemason as well as a Catholic. [44]

Augustin Barruel

1741 – 1820


1743 – 1795 (alias "Giuseppe Balsamo") [45] [46] Jesuit Spy

Adam Weishaupt

1748 – 1830


Weishaupt began his formal education at age seven at a Jesuit school. He later enrolled at the University of Ingolstadt and graduated in 1768[9] at age 20 with a doctorate of law.[10] In 1772[11] he became a professor of law. The following year he married Afra Sausenhofer of Eichstätt. After Pope Clement XIV’s suppression of the Society of Jesus in 1773, Weishaupt became a professor of canon law, a position that was held exclusively by the Jesuits until that time.

Emmanuel Joseph Sieyès

1748 – 1836

  • todo and add in 911:Masonic_Judaism#Labor_Zionists

Edward Jenner

1749 —1823

  • Edward Jenner was an S.J. -- a Slick Jesuit -- who taught the medical world how to use the POISONED NEEDLE. He was the first to associate human diseases with that of animals. This idea paved the way for vaccination which is responsible for the deaths of multiplied millions of people around the world. The idea that humans and animals are related and share the same diseases led to the theory of evilution which is responsible for the spiritual death of multiplied millions more. In the countryside in Gloustershire, England, where Jenner lived, the farmers had a legend or superstition that catching cowpox (a disease of cows which was transferred to the cows' udders by unwashed or bleeding hands) would act like a charm or amulet to make them immune from catching the human disease of smallpox. Medicine man Jenner took this local legend or old wives' tale and turned it into a scientific FACT. He did this by first getting some scientific credentials (M.D., F.R.S. - Fellow of the Royal Society). Next he wrote a book and on the title page only he used the term VARIOLAE VACCINAE. This means in Medieval Latin: smallpox of the cow. Thus associating a human disease with a disease of the cow. There never was such a disease as smallpox of the cow until "Dr." Jenner invented it for the title of his book. [47]
  • Dr. Charles Creighton— a brilliant Scottish doctor—exposed Jenner's clever sleight of hand in his masterly tome:Jenner and Vaccination. [48]
    • "The title of Jenner's cowpox paper is: "An Inquiry into the Causes and Effects of the Variolae Vaccinae, a Disease discovered in some of the Western Counties, especially Gloucestershire, and known by the name of the Cowpox." An objection might be taken to "discovered," but let that pass. The leading line in this full and learned title is Variolae Vaccinae, which is the only name in the short title. Now Variolae Vaccine is Latin for smallpox of the cow. An affection of cows and milkers, which had been known to country people for generations as the cowpox, is suddenly introduced to the learned, who had never heard of it before, under a brand-new name. The new name is put in the forefront of the title, it overshadows the old country name both by its prominence and by its semblance of scientific precision, and, for purposes of short reference, it becomes the sole name. This startling novelty is on the title-pages, and only on the title-pages. Jenner never says, in the preface or text, that the name is a new one, hitherto unheard of in veterinary or medical writings; he never says a single word to justify its invention; he never once uses it in the preface or text at all. But there it stands in the title as the full, correct, and scientific name of the disease, to be copied in journals and repeated in a hundred ways when not one word of the essay would be copied or repeated, carrying with it, in short, all the power over the ideas that a descriptive synonym for an unfamiliar thing does naturally carry with it." (Jenner and Vaccination, Dr. Charles Creighton, p. 44). [49]


Pierre-Jean De Smet

(1801 – 1873)

  • "Years later the Jesuits, using Shriner Freemasonry, would begin a powerful cult in George Washington’s Calvinistic Republic of the United States. The new brotherhood would be called “The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints” — Mormonism! Being another salvation-by-works religion (like Roman Catholicism), its founder, Joseph Smith, was a high-level Freemason. His successor, Brigham Young, was also another high Freemason. According to the book Blackrobe, Brigham Young was an intimate friend of Peter De Smet, one of the most powerful American Jesuits of the Nineteenth Century. Being the foremost Jesuit of influence among the Indian Nations, De Smet, using Confederate General and Shriner Freemason Albert Pike, incited his Sioux Indians to mass murder seven hundred White Lutherans of Minnesota (Northerners) while having procured the exemption of Jesuits from the draft during America’s bloodbath, erroneously called “the Civil War.” De Smet personally visited Young on his settlement in the West, furthering “the Mormon agitation.” For the Mormon leaders sought to create their own nation." -Eric John Phelps, Vatican Assasins [50]
  • Jean DeSmet was Albert Pike's master and was a definite influence to Pike's Knight of the order of the Klu Klux Klan

Grigori Rasputin

(1869 – 1916)

  • Catherine II “the Great,” 1729 – 1796 Empress of Russia, 1762 - 1796. This German was the greatest disgrace ever to sit upon the throne of the Romanoffs. Having murdered her husband in usurping the power of the Empire, Catherine was openly called a “whore” by her son, Paul I. As the protector of the Orthodox Church, she treasonously admitted the Jesuits into Russia despite Peter the Great’s expulsion of the Order in 1723. The Jesuits deeply penetrated Russia’s state Church and Tsarist government, successfully overthrowing both by 1922 using their “Holy Monk,” Grigory Rasputin, a secret Jesuit according to our hero and ex-Jesuit, Alberto Rivera. Rasputin was covertly advised by the Jesuit General’s openly Orthodox rector of the Company’s Tiflis Theological Seminary, Bishop Hermogen, along with Hermogen’s fellow Jesuit, the evil Orthodox priest Iliodor. Meanwhile the Sons of Loyola awaited their ultimate restoration until the Black Pope had finished conducting his Napoleonic Wars. Jesuits: A Multibiography, Jean Lacouture, (Collegeville, Minnesota: The Liturgical Press, 1995). [51]
  • Grigory Yefimovich Rasputin, the demon-possessed, glassy-eyed, licentious, mad monk, came to Bishop Sergius, rector of the Theological Seminary of St. Petersburg in 1903, with a powerful letter of introduction from Chrysanthos, Archminandrite of the Orthodox Kazan eparchy within the Order’s stronghold of Siberia. Immediately well received, this “Caesar Borgia of Russia” was introduced into the court of Tzar Nicholas II and his German Empress, Alexandra – the darling of the Jesuits. Years later and for a job well done, the Order’s Masonic Joseph Stalin would restore the “Orthodox Papacy” in 1942 by appointing Sergius the first Patriarch of All Russia. All of Rasputin’s political enemies, including Prime Minister P. S. Stolypin, were removed or assassinated and by 1916, while the Tzar was away at the war front, Rasputin, in controlling the Empress, became the virtual ruler of Russia, abolishing the Russian Parliament (the Duma) and, in the name of the Tzar, promoting anti-Jewish laws and pogroms thereby igniting the Order’s Zionist Bolshevik Revolution. Both Rasputin and Stalin had a common mentor – Bishop Hermogen – the rector of Tiflis Theological Seminary at which several Jesuits were instructors. Iliodor, a typical Jesuit agitator of states, was the great promoter of this “man of God,” preaching to huge crowds about the mad monk’s life and powers while secretly playing the spy for his master, Hermogen. In 1916 Rasputin was rightly assassinated; later his body was exhumed and publicly burned.The Rasputin File, Edvard Radzinsky, (New York: Anchor Books, 2001). [52]

Pierre Teilhard de Chardin

1881 – 1955

  • (scientist, NewAge promotor)
  • to chek all his research/doctrines of new agers

Augustin Bea

1881 – 1968

  • He served on numerous ecumenical bodies ...
  • His personal assistant was fellow Jesuit, Fr. Malachi Martin.

John LaFarge

1835 – 1910

Edmund A Walsh

1885 – 1956

  • Fr. Edmund Aloysius Walsh, S.J. (October 10, 1885 – October 31, 1956)[1] was an American Jesuit Catholic priest, professor of geopolitics and founder of the Georgetown University School of Foreign Service, which he founded in 1919–six years before the U.S. Foreign Service itself existed–and served as its first regent.
    • Walsh's most obvious legacy is the School he founded, which has become an incubator of leadership in the United States and internationally. Graduates of the School have included U.S. President Bill Clinton and the leaders of the U.S. intelligence community (George Tenet), the American labor movement (AFL-CIO President Lane Kirkland), and the American Catholic Church (New York Cardinal Archbishop John Joseph O'Connor). Heads of state educated at the School have included King Abdullah of Jordan and Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo of the Philippines. The School has also been home to legendary faculty members including the historians Carroll Quigley, and Jules Davids, the political scientist, and World War II hero Jan Karski, and the first woman Secretary of State Madeleine Albright. (wikipedia)

Robert Leiber

1887 - 1967

Adolf Hitler

  • See The Religious Views of Adolf Hitler
  • "According to the great Frenchman, Edmond Paris, in his The Secret History of the Jesuits, it was the Jesuit Bernhardt Staempfle who wrote Hitler's Mein Kampf. This fact is further confirmed by one of the founders of the Nazi Party, Roman Catholic Otto Strasser, in his revealing book, Hitler and I. It was Roman Catholic Hitler who said of the Roman Catholic Himmler having modeled the SS after the Jesuit Order." [53]

(1889 – 1945)

Alexander N. Poskrebyshev

1891 – 1965

Georges Lemaître

(1894 – 1966)

Theodore Maly

1894 – 1938

  • The Jesuits secretly participated in the Bolshevik Revolution. According to the Jesuit-trained, Irish Roman Catholic, John Loftus in his Unholy Trinity, a Hungarian Catholic priest was a player in the revolution.
    • “Between 1932 and 1937 the top NKVD ‘illegal’ in England was Father Theodore Maly . . . ‘when the revolution broke out I joined the Bolsheviks’ Maly once told a friend, explaining how service with the Cheka and Red Army during the brutal civil war against the [Orthodox] Whites [White Russians] had hardened him.” [58]
  • [Ed.: Author Eric Jon Phelps is here describing Soviet GRU General Prince Anton Turkul, who was a Knight of Malta]: “As [Ed.: Jesuit-trained Joseph] Stalin’s foremost intelligence officer [Ed.: during WWII], advised by Jesuit priest George Romanov [59]and using Jesuits like Pere Michel as couriers escorted by his [Ed.: Soviet] GRU [Ed.: i.e., “Main Intelligence Directorate”] during World War II, he [Ed.: i.e., Anton Turkul] had broken up the anti-Bolshevik groups after World War I along with Jesuit Theodore Maly… [Ed.: He had] used the Vatican Ratlines for Soviet intelligence during the Cold War… This Maltese Knight of the Pope’s Vatican Empire was one of [Ed.: Jesuit-trained Roman Catholic] Cardinal Agagianian’s secret Inquisitors of the ‘USSR’.” – Eric Jon Phelps (“Vatican Assassins”; Third Edition; Publisher: Lowvehm, Inc., 2007; Page 1271) [60]


Heinrich Himmler

1900 – 1945

Reichsführer-SS - Commander of the German Schutzstaffel (SS)
Chief of the German Police, controlling the Gestapo.
Supreme Commander of the Volkssturm and the Home Army.
Reich Commissioner of German Nationhood.

  • "According to the great Frenchman, Edmond Paris, in his The Secret History of the Jesuits, it was the Jesuit Bernhardt Staempfle who wrote Hitler's Mein Kampf. This fact is further confirmed by one of the founders of the Nazi Party, Roman Catholic Otto Strasser, in his revealing book, Hitler and I. It was Roman Catholic Hitler who said of the Roman Catholic Himmler having modeled the SS after the Jesuit Order." [61]
  • "The SS had been organized by Heinrich Himmler according to the principles of the Jesuit Order. The rules of service and spiritual exercises prescribed by Ignatius de Loyola constituted a model which Heinrich Himmler strove carefully to copy. Absolute obedience was the supreme rule; every order had to be executed without comment." - Walter Shellenberg (Chief of the Nazi Sicherheitdienst (SD) [62]

Also see:

Karl Rahner

1904 — 1984

Walter Ciszek

1904 — 1984

Rev. Walter Joseph Ciszek, S.J. (November 4, 1904–December 8, 1984) was a Polish-American Jesuit priest who conducted clandestine missionary work in the Soviet Union between 1939 and 1963. He was arrested under accusations of espionage for the Vatican

Frederick Copleston

(1907 – 1994)

Richard McSorley

1914 - 2002

Avery Dulles

  • "Avery Robert Dulles S.J. (August 24, 1918 – December 12, 2008) was a Jesuit priest, theologian, cardinal of the Catholic Church and served as the Laurence J. McGinley Professor of Religion and Society at Fordham University from 1988 to 2008.[1] He was an internationally known author and lecturer.Dulles was born in Auburn, New York, the son of John Foster Dulles, the future U.S. Secretary of State (for whom Washington Dulles International Airport is named), and Janet Pomeroy Avery Dulles. His uncle was Director of Central Intelligence Allen Welsh Dulles. Both his great-grandfather John W. Foster and great-uncle Robert Lansing also served as U.S. Secretary of State." - [63] [64]

Robert F. Drinan

1920 – 2007

Dan Lyons

? - ?

  • Here, “Father Hawk” Lyons, Professed of the extreme Fourth Vow, is advising General Abrams regarding the military policy of the Black Pope’s Vietnam War, having previously advised the Roman Catholic and CFR member, General William C. Westmoreland. Lyons was: [65]
    • A Fourth Degree Knight of Columbus
    • Cold Warrior, or as they where called “freedom fighter” on staff of the inquisitional American Security Council & a very familiar face at the Pentagon
    • A “brother” to Jesuits Raymond J. de Jaegher (advisor to The President of the Republic of Vietnam, President Diem [who was christened Jean-Baptiste Ngo Dinh Diem after the twenty-seventh Superior General of the Society of Jesus]) and occult Jesuit Fr. James Groppi—a leader of the Black Pope’s communist Civil Rights agitation
    • Alose friend of three of Cardinal Cooke’s foremost Knights of Malta—CIA officer William F. Buckley, Jr.; CIA officer and former New York Senator, James L. Buckley; and Lyons’ multimillionaire business associate Patrick J. Frawley of the Schick and Eversharp corporations having employed Fred Schlafly, the husband of Dame of Malta, Phyllis Schlafly.


Carlo Martini

1927 – 2012

  • Pro-Homosexual Bishop

Francis Haig

1928 -

  • American Jesuit and physics professor, Haig is the younger brother of Alexander Haig, who served as the United States Secretary of State (4 star general)under Ronald Reagan from 1981 until 1982

Joseph McDonnell

1929 - 2005

José Antonio Ferrer Benimeli

1934 -

Leo J. O'Donovan

1934 -

  • 47th President of Georgetown University
  • Fr. O'Donovan served on the Board of Directors of The Walt Disney Company. [69]

William J Fulco

(1936 - )

Peter McIsaac, S.J.


  • FR. PETER-HANS Kolvenbach, S.J., the Superior General of the Society of Jesus (the Jesuits), has appointed Fr. Peter McIsaac, S.J. as the Regional Superior of the Jesuits in Jamaica. [70]
  • [71]

Gregory Naik

Fr. Gregory Naik S.J, Secretary, South Asia Assistancy [72]


Joseph Kelleppilly

[73] & [74] & http://www.hrsolidarity.net/mainfile.php/2001vol11no67/138/

Abraham Pallivathukal

[75] & [76] & http://www.hrsolidarity.net/mainfile.php/2001vol11no67/138/

T.A. Joseph

[77] & [78] & http://www.hrsolidarity.net/mainfile.php/2001vol11no67/138/

Shaji George

[79] & [80] & http://www.hrsolidarity.net/mainfile.php/2001vol11no67/138/

Jose Thaiparambil

[81] & [82] & http://www.hrsolidarity.net/mainfile.php/2001vol11no67/138/

E.J. Thomas

Nikolai Vlasik

E. Boyd Barrett

Bernard Vaughan

James Marshall