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Military Order of Malta operations


The Knights of Malta of the Sovereign Military Order of Malta (SMOM) are mainly involved in:

Matthew Festing (79th SMOM Grand Master) with other SMOM members and Pope Ratzinger
Andrew Bertie (78th SMOM Grand Master, 4th cousin twice removed of Queen Elizabeth II) and Pope Ratzinger.

Note that Ratzinger has been an SMOM member himself since 1999.
Order of the German Eagle service cross, instituted in 1937 by Adolf Hitler. See also: [1].
Order of the Bath medal. Founded by George I in 1725.

See also: Order of the Bath member lists and other UK knighthoods


Queen Elizabeth II
Royal member of the inner-core of the Military Order of Malta called the Pilgrim Society
Andrew Bertie and (Jesuit trained Stonyhurst alumni, Knight of Malta, Order of the Bath member, Trilateral Commission member, ...) George H. W. Bush (former CIA director and 41st US President), 1991.

See also: Malta Summit 1989.
Mason with a Maltese cross medal.

See also these masonic degree diagrams.